Collective Hypocrisy

UnknownWe find it curious and interesting how during these times of celebrations, beginning with Thanksgiving week and for a couple of more weeks, concluding during the week we welcome the Three Wise Men, there is a collective change in peoples attitudes.

It feels as if we were entering a different space.  In it we leave behind discord, we hope bad news would disappear, presents are a constant, surprises break routines and sharing magnifies our collective soul.

Between all this collective sentimental commotions we have perceived a sort of disorganized orchestrated tendency. It’s not born out of a good intention but from the continuous greed that has corroded them and from those that have forgotten their humanity.

These businesses use this time of the year to hide behind a few tactics from the past and auto proclaim themselves saviors of the world.  Also, they try to convey that the charity acts are strong enough in order to generate sales.

These same businesses argue publicly that they are contributing to society by a simple annual donation to a particular charity.  Let’s clarify something that simple act is sometimes more than what some businesses do but it’s still not enough.

foodinbin_285x189We have witnessed how companies that buys food (catering) from a helping institution for homeless people; they take pictures and post it in the social networks fooling themselves.

It’s is them who are trying to put a genuine image with a loathsome face, colorless, tasteless, with a lack of honest compassion.  The act is only one more of those empty things that only they believe and hallucinate that it is indeed what society wishes to see.

The question we would ask, to those that have forgotten the ability we have of feeling with just taking a step back and perceive we are breathing would be simple: What happens during the rest 364 days with these people and their needs?

We have seen from a close hand how multinationals and businesses in general spend (don’t invest) millions of dollars in parties to lavish their clients. When they are over, the people that brought the food for the party have to throw away tons of it in a matter of seconds.

They, already used to this inhumane and shameful act, eradicate the abundance without any sense of compassion because they are poisoned by a collective opulence.

In other occasions we have witnessed how people waste thousands of dollars in Christmas decorations for their businesses and houses, but have never decorated their grandparent’s houses or even worse, their parents.

hipocresiaWe know others that have witnessed the collective hypocrisy where the immediate need of trying to cover an eternal and latent offense of not having done anything for our fellowmen condemns them into having to look themselves in the mirror and not see their souls.

Unfortunately we know people that have good intentions but in time they end in hells’ garbage can.  In fact, the word “hypocrisy” is diverse. Some define it as “the constant or sporadic attitude of pretending beliefs, opinions, virtues, feelings, qualities or standards they don’t have or don’t follow”.

Others define it as “hypocrisy might come from the desire to hide from others true motives or feelings. Hypocrisy is not only the inconsistency of what you defend and what you end up doing”.

Nowadays, we are unfortunately living in a collective hypocrisy, in an inconsistent based in fleeting principles, without substance. We repeat like parrots without questioning anything, we feel without knowing and we act just to please those we don’t even know.

Hopefully the humanity of many people is still latent in the skin we were given to be in this existence. We are still optimist that we are in the middle of a collective transformation which takes us through uncertain terrains in order to reach fertile soil.

Today, contrary to what we have experienced, we have great hope in keeping evolving and that many will join the silent campaign that is going around the world, where the power pyramid is in reverse and actions are born from the genuine sense of giving and receiving becomes a ministry.

What if we join that silent revolution that extricates the collective hypocrisy from people and start to give without demanding, sharing without reason, including without distinction and above all love without knowing?

What if we are brave and eradicate the collective hypocrisy once and for all?