Let’s resign

imagesPope Benedicts’ XVI recent resignation to the Catholics Church papacy, which was announced last February, has been the catalyst of this column, since it gave us the perfect excuse for us to also resign as a collective.

Having that into perspective, in the name of humanity we realized that we need it to do a conscious and present act of resigning to what we will begin doing at this divine moment.

We start it with a simple act, by resigning to what we knew, those things which we have learned, waited for, to the unexpected anguish, the senseless norms, to continue walking without a set course.

We give up, before the detachment of the feeling that is tied to everything that is material, which gathers meaning when the thoughts we put into is accompanied by a feeling.

We give up continue using the correct words so that we can be understood, those that let us manifest freely from the depth of who we are and that aren’t born from the marrow of our DNA.

Free and voluntarily we get rid of the body that accompanies us in this voyage, in this moment of this existence. This simple exercise, since it doesn’t matter that the air that originates from nature is entering by the ventilation that feeds our body in order to continue feeling. Our souls are still limited into something that is not theirs.

Today we stop putting in our minds all that contaminates us, that clouds our understanding, since the raid is constant from the moment we wake up until we fall asleep.

It is by this repetition in which we create the false expectations that exist, in which the super powers of those fictitious characters feed in order to sell us the movies or that every story has a happy ending and last, that lessons are learned in only two hours of being sitting down.

We desist in the name of the race that exists today on Earth called humanity, to keep depending on the past and renouncing the future, as Lore Orrego would say, since by that action we limit our collective spirit into evolving.

We cancel every action that makes us follow to a fault a teacher and his teachings of dogma, in which we loose the perspective that the root of all is the same, that even though they have lived this experience among us, their actions had the same purpose, waking us from the eternal lethargy of limitation.

Today we should transcend the limits of our human body and our own imagination, we should let that the simple beating that pumps oxygen to our legs transport us to the nearest mountain.

We should remember what Darlenis Rendón says, “there is no better proof of strength and nobility of a soul that when it renounces vengeance in order to forgive an offense”.

We decline speculations, theories, Pythagoras and each of the false expectations we invent in order to forget who we are, where we come from and where we are headed.

Resigned, we leave aside the writings of Sufism, Buddhism, Christianity, the book of Abraham and all those that copy and paste the same, in order to be able to start to understand us better.

We resign, as Daniel Romero taught us, saying that regretting our own past is an automatic act that puts us in a position of resigning our own present. Today we resign, in this precise moment, to the collection of beliefs that have brought us to this precise moment in which we are reading this, since in a few minutes when we are done, they will end disrupted by the transfer of thought.

We abandon the false belief that we are not one, that we a re separated from ourselves and the collective divinity that unites us, which is one of our greatest lessons as a collective.

We say goodbye to selfishness, to individuality, to the sense of belonging, and let us join the absolute abundance that is given to us by that amazing energy to some, internal for others, in which every second is lived in love.

Let’s resign from the past and let us take the decision of starting over.

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