The Last Love Letter

imagesLove is something so fleeting, spontaneous, unpredictable, complicated, simple and multifaceted, that it inspires us into doing unimaginable things, it moves every sense of our being and takes us into the in a simple sigh.

We see on a daily basis continuous love expressions, be it by a sunset picture sent by text or a song that comes out of nowhere while waiting on a never-ending traffic, that in which every letter expresses what you are feeling at that precise moment.

Love arrives, originates and evolves in every second we are breathing, in every thought that arises from the need to express something that is difficult to put into words.

This can go from one extreme to another, from a nephew’s smile, the silence of a look, your mother’s hug, an adventure you had with your best friend, a prank you pulled on your sister, your grandmother’s look saying goodbye while sitting in her balcony.

Love is something animals express so good and continuously, that it should be something we all should aspire to emulate, those of us that are conscious that we are spirits living a human experience.

It is that remembering of who we are that takes us through valleys and hills, deserts and cascades, unexpected endings and never thought of surprises.

On the other hand, the media ties it to that encounter between two human beings, two souls that meet at the corner of an ice cream parlor and out of the blue, by a mere look, intertwine into living an whole life together.

But the truth is, love is not that easy, it is not a script that we write on a computer and we edit it to our convenience.  It’s even less like a Hollywood movie or a stage play with a happy ending.

Love is so much more than that. It is not the moments, nor the seconds where we are short of breathe and our heart beats so intensely that is wants to run behind that special person nor that one instant where two souls meet.

It is more than lips that shake every single cell of my body, much more than the naked sculpture laying on the left side of the white sheet that caresses my back, and more than that the memory of the smell that lasts on the skin of my hand.

images2Love is something one learns to remember and to live, in which every second appreciated becomes a lesson, remembering becomes a decision and starting over becomes an election.

From the moment we enter into this existence, the human being has been governed by this feeling that is expressed by so many forms it becomes indescribable. It is that thing that moves us when we are paralyzed, it is the base of every inspiration needed to accomplish something never done before, that thin that pushes us, drags us into reaching our limits.

Love is not something put together, it is something very individual, full of characteristics, emotions, caresses, instances that brand the lives of those that stay and those that have gone.

Today, feeling is not more important than being; the body becomes something secondary when the senses remember that what is important is to love, where you satisfy to the maximum capacity everything you can, because you never know when you might loose the chance.

This is the last love letter that a human writes today, since tomorrow will be a new day in which another foolish, mad, unhinged adventurer will wake up with the restlessness of wanting to know the significance of something that originates without a name, that which is a daily decision that determines many of life’s experiences.

Thank you for having been part of our life, for the lessons we felt, for the caresses that took us to the Himalayas and most of all for helping us remember who we are.

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