Lifting the carpet of my soul

Yoda-Luke-SkywalkerThe great master Yoda from the movie Star Wars told Luke Skywalker amidst their training, to be careful with anxiety, fear or aggression because they are part of the dark side of evil. That once entered walking in the way of any of those feelings; they would join and forever dominate his destiny and his desire.

As each of us grows, in the vast majority of the time surrounded by our family and friends, hundreds or rather thousands of situations happen where our feelings are involved and often unknowingly are repressed.

An example of this is when we say to child that men do not cry, that showing a man has feelings is being stigmatized and marked as weak person.

This is tied in turn, that if in the process of growing you don’t have macho tendencies, for some reason till this day I do not understand how it still alive, they put the stamp on you that you have a different sexual preferences to them.

Another example is when you arrive at someone’s house and one of the questions that never fails that men ask is how many girlfriends do you have? and contradictorily claim that when they grow up and that is not much less macho womanizers.

alfombra-del-almaThe media are experts in perpetuating this and other behaviors that we are in the subconscious and that daily walk between our thoughts freely and without restriction.

For example, movies teach us about extraordinary love stories in done the outcome is always the same where evil fails and good triumphs, the couple end up together and live eternally in love no problem.

But we say that the protagonists have alcohol or drug problems and personal relationships are a mess out of the small screen or the movie that lasts about two hours in filming took months, if not years.

Meanwhile, women’s dress princesses, marginalizing, with the illusion that there are white knights that treated like queens. Another example is let them play with the doll that has a waist that a girl could ever have or let them become obsessed with magazines that sell illusions, exceptions to women who are twin sisters spaghetti.

Women are taught from childhood that have to endure and be blind, you have to undergo, they have to be super women, that multi-tasking is part of being a woman and that no matter what is happening, they have to put a cute smile on her painted lips and say goodbye.

Repressing feelings is an epidemic if not attacked in time, we consume much of our life, because when we realize the damage we are doing, we invested another big part of our lives trying to get in touch with that we do not know it exists.

Popularly called one place “things under the carpet in our soul” and kept walking. Such action is in the to evade our feelings we do not understand, that hurt us or that we can not decipher where they come from, which arise when we are in relationships of any kind, in those that are not healthy, they are unhealthy, that we wonder how did we get here?.

In man are associated regularly when we see that his heart is hardened and has lost feeling to remember how to be human.

But unfortunately small not explained the feeling is part of the experience of being a human being, that the strongest feelings, we shake the soul, which is stigmatize in our body, we change the way of thinking, see life, that make us think, these are also part of who we are.

Those feelings that give us great lessons, what we do is put them under the rug, rather than include them as part of who we are, or as it is to breathe.

We should not repress, since at any given time will go out and chase us until we can make the case.

Unfortunately we have to be in a position to lose everything, to face this harsh reality to lift the carpet and face everything that is there.

For some reason or another, do not understand the root of each of the situations that repeat, but it’s never explained, much less were exposed to an adequately address the different situations that provoked resentment, anxiety, uncertainty, fear or pain.

Every time we think of something, what we did or what we were taught was that we had to be strong, we need to process things fast, that what we felt we had to repress.

Today is a good time to make a stop and rather than criticize, to put ourselves in an attitude of victim and catch us grief, what if we get out of that routine which allows us to continue in a state of low consciousness.

The feel is not a sin, not bad, not the end of the world, feel and know where it comes from knowing the root of it is what sets us apart from other animals.

Today is a good day for a hangover of what has plagued us, that which we put under the carpet.

Today is a good day to remember who we are, which will help us see again how extraordinary we are.

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