The Impact of a Human Being

curso de los milagrosA few weeks ago I took a “forced” vacation of writing my weekly where I put all my feelings that haunt my soul and my mind.

I took this was a conscious decision weighting all the possible consequences of my actions and with the clear objective to see if the lessons of the Course of Miracles were latent in my life.

The most important of these lessons says “surrender to the Universe and the Universe will take care of you.” To surrender and letting go has been one of my biggest challenges since childhood, in fact is the main reason why I’ve positioned myself into so much trouble in my life, because I’m a “hard headed”, because when there’s something I want to do, we went will all the force of my being did it even though I know it could end badly.

It wasn’t until about a few years ago that almost the same Universe literally put me on my face the greatest challenge of my life, it became the most intense and complicated transformation of which I was not only witnessed it, but was the protagonist.

In the process of individual, professional and collective transformations in which the same divine force (which is nothing more than me) led me to explore who I really am, to find that famous mission since childhood that I knew existed within me and I had to do, and above all things, re-learn what he knew till that moment.

That forced” learning, but in turn was one that was not trampled or pushed against my will, I found an instrument that allowed me to express my thoughts into words in my weekly column that became a collective relief.

I found in words (in the computer keyboard) again the feeling that I had when I was a teenager when I experienced complete freedom, without prejudice, a way to put an orderly of everything that I had in my head and at the same time made sense to me.

The sincerity in with which I spoke thru the writing and the peculiar way of telling stories opened the door to thousands of people around the world in a matter of months.

Success-DFCGThat responsibility to continue feeding the minds of thousands of people after three years became a liability that weighed me, but when being on top of the wave, I did not realize it was affecting in one way or another these people and my life.

In the time we’ve been out of writing and out of the media, we have received calls and emails asking us what had happened that they were not receiving our weekly email with our column, others stopped me on the street that we never ever thought would be reading what we sent, and also asked us what had happened that they haven’t seen our presence in their PDA’s or computers.

In the period when I was out, I saw again a great lesson that once taught to me by reading A Courses in Miracles (book that does not have anything to do with the tenets of any religion). That same universal energy took us thru beautiful paths that showed me once again that one of our mission in this life is to write.

Writing with the passion that defines us, not only through weekly lectures and seminars that we give, but in a way so intimate that every media outlet that we have the privilege to write.

That space of silence allowed us to feel again the meaning of gratitude, not only of the people who approached us, but for myself, to acknowledge and be thankful of the privilege of doing what I love and contribute to the growth of thousands of kindred spirits.

Finally I remembered that no matter whom you are, you do or you want to do, each of us in this life we all are teachers and students in each of us.

That whatever we do if it starts from our soul, will be recognized by those who are awaken and the others who are still asleep, who knows if by this simple gesture you do selflessly, it will trigger that person to wake up and remember their mission again.

Who knows if it will help them return to the side where the concerns are latent, but not seen as burdens, next to where you only see opportunities in every challenge before us, and finally the side where love is expiring, no matter how wounded we are.

I appreciate the opportunity again this soul into their lives and look forward to contributing to the awakening of consciousness and the collective individual transformation we now call earth.


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