From Jail

desde la carcel-4Every day we see in the media hundreds of people arrested for drug trafficking, corruption, murder or child abuse.

In each of those cases, when we see these stories, our psyche, which is faster than a turtle, shows us that they deserve what is happening without giving space to the feeling of compassion for a moment we clothe.

At that moment, we lose the opportunity to connect with our humanity, and we do not allow collective sense around us can give.

It would be ideal if we had a divine connection, as we become executioners of fate of those people who have been punished by the result of their actions, when, to some degree, have been victims of the result of their frustrations.

Although it can process at that moment being unwitting victims of the frustrations of the film of his life, the immediate environment of the sheltered and, for some strange reason, not allowed to evolve and make different choices, that would away from the vicious cycle of repeating the experience.

That wrong, impulsive, and unexpected action to be the judge and jury of those that we do not understand and much less we understand, is easier, that to breathe compassion.

desde la carcel-3Unfortunately we are contaminated by the prejudice that shelters ourselves under the constitution that governs our democracy.  This it is declared through the intolerance to the differences, the discrimination of beliefs in the way that see colors in the skin or of the accent that we listen when we speak another language that do not be the one that listen in our childhood.

We give this long introduction because, recently, we learned that a great friend of children sitting in a confined space, cold, surrounded by concrete and metal for years.

Upon hearing that this was their reality, we were in that space to choose or judge at length breathing to oxygenate our bodies exhale compassion and full of prejudice microorganisms lodged in the lungs of consciousness.

After doing this exercise of listening thoroughly the arguments and conclusions of who has been one of its unconditional defenders, we saw us “forced” to seek the silence of our soul, to be able to feel our humanity.

Upon doing that exercise, we listen like our sixth sense told us that we needed to do something to recall to all the ones that were able, that the compassion is something that unites us as tribe and that enlarges us as species in danger of extinction.

In the next weeks, our friend, that although he is behind an impressive structure for which they live out of her, will receive a surprise of someone to who has not seen for more than twenty years.

In the process, the memory manager is not contaminated with speculative and baseless thoughts, in the collection of data by third parties. That allowed us to make room for understanding and processing are part of the equation and are present in all that is the immediate future.

Today we invite you to stop judging to the others, to realize that this simple act to choose not to do it, not alone our humanity enlarges us, but will free us of alien every load that we carry.

This act in turn reconnect with who we really are: people who are sensitive, loving and understanding, that although we do not accept any kind of abuse, abuse in any of its forms or an invasion of anyone’s privacy, we have the ability to forgive and move on, to make room for the evolution of a wounded soul.

Today we join in that feeling and give the necessary space for a new soul rise again like a phoenix.

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