Paying it Forward

Paying it foward-movieIs it possible that an idea can change the world?
That was the question asked by a social studies teacher on one school in Las Vegas, Nevada to his students in the movie called “Pay it Foward” which was shown at the cinema in the 2000.
The main purpose of this exercise was that each of the students to become agents of change in their communities. Among those who were in class listening to what the teacher said was this restless young man who looked at the world differently and thought what his project.
In the course of exploring what would his project “Change the world“, he managed a winning formula, it was based on  helping directly three individuals with something specific they could not do for themselves.
A part of doing these acts of selfless generosity, he added an unusual element to the project it was that after he helped them they should  help in turn three more people.
The ambitious project was one that could change the world one act at a time.
fowardIn turn, the understanding that such actions would unleash a chain without precedence of unplanned acts ,  that would help hundreds of thousand who where in need, therefore would impact an unknown number of people.
Everyone in the class laughed at the idea, because they knew it was impossible to measure something so intangible as an act that impacts a person.
The term or concept as it is known today in English as “Pay it forward“was first used by the writer and poet Ralph “In the order of nature we cannot render benefits to those from whom we receive them, or only seldom. But the benefit we receive must be rendered again, line for line, deed for deed, cent for cent, to somebody.”
Then in 1916 the writer Lily Hardy Hammond wrote “one can not pay love back, one pays forward “and since then many other writers on the subject have abounded.
What was a movie  thirteen years ago, is today a reality, and one can read the daily stories on a  social networks page called “Keep On Truckin Team Jayden” where a family in the name of his son, who died of cancer in November 2012, began to duplicate the movie project.
Today there on that page, about 39,000 people on a daily basis read or write stories where the generosity of two strange is the norm and how they are impacting and returning the sense humanity to hundreds of thousands.
The major changes in the world will always begin with a simple idea that someone raised and shared it with other people, which creates a chain of thoughts, feelings and unavoidable actions that take shape and manifest in a thousands of ways.
In the world there are no small ideas or unattainable dreams  because when the fiber of mankind, is cherished by simply making a difference, energies, thoughts and love mix to keep evolving in our walk.
The answer to the question is yes, an idea can change the world and we are daily witnessing the transformation not only of our environment, but our humanity.

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