The Bucket List

bucket listThere’s a scene where Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson are sitting on a hospital bed and the first was making a list.

Curiosity, or possibly boredom, of Jack character led him to open a Pandora’s box that never in its nearly 60 years, could have he imagined, asking to Morgan what he was writing the same day that he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and not having anyone by his side to share the news.

Morgan’s character was a simple man, unhurried, married for over thirty years, with children and grandchildren. Making a stop to what he was doing, and taking off his glasses answers, that like him, he was also a terminal cancer patient and the doctors had said they could not do more for him.

So he had decided a few minutes ago to make the list as there was no escape. The list contained all the things that he could not perform in his lifetime. He had never thought that all that remained was a few months and would not go without doing these things, like parachute jumping, having a romantic dinner with his wife, travel, and more.

The great detail of that character was that he had no money; he was a simple mechanic that had no savings, because everything that he had done in his 30 years of work was for his children to have a good education.

On the other hand, the character of Jack was diagnosed with terminal cancer and had been given only a few months. He was a business man, a bachelor, but without love in his life, money millionaire but with no friends, with one daughter he had not seen for many years and a granddaughter he hasn’t even met.

528846_10151245411853668_1469620603_nIn the course of the film, the two characters begin a journey of individual introspection. In this forced learning they realize what is important in life and what is to live in this existence.

Many of us do not have the ability to appreciate, see and express gratefulness for the things we have ,want and get, and the lacking of  sensitivity to see that serving provides unimaginable satisfaction for everyone involved.

The “bucket list”, as it is popularly known the ‘to do’ list of things that we want to do before moving on to the afterlife, the sky, beyond this existence, as you like, it is no more than exposing and capturing the desires that one have, dreams or goals we want to achieve, without putting them on the list, these could not be done.

It’s kind of a magical list; it takes that desire and inexplicably, aligns all elements to make it possible. The satisfaction that provides to those who make it and achieve that desire is incalculable, like joy, satisfaction and sense of connection with everything around us.

Attention, in the process, the excuses, the famous problems, precedence in the movement to fulfill our desires. The children, the family, work, neighbors, money, etc., can be converted in permanent obstacles or just gasoline for the inspirational motor.

It is at that moment when the circumstances that we have, that the simple decision to continue or pause happiness is transcendental. The only thing that will change the course of destiny is actions that keep pace with thought.

In the film, when they are at the top of one of the pyramids and Jacks crossing out the list, to see the pyramids, Morgan makes two very interesting questions that I leave here for you today. Beyond achieving that dream, longing or desire for what you could put on the list, Morgan asks…

Have you found happiness? …and the second is: Have you brought joy to others?

Today let’s pause our lives, let’s look at where we are today and where we want to be in a few hours, days, weeks, months or years.

In this analysis simple and accurate, what if we ask ourselves those questions and we’ll see if the list answers both, if it does, well we are on track, if not, is not too late to redirect our efforts and start over.

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