Closing a cycle [2012]

551624_10151166327217452_970475092_nJust hours before the 2012 end is a good time to make a détente to our lives, our commitments and all those who believe it is important, but in reality it is not.

The stop is an excuse, is more than a place where we let adjourns mind, relax the body and our senses become more acute, with the purpose of reminding us who we are.

Turn on the forced break for our wellbeing is very important to put an end or as the proverb says “put the dot on the i ” to anything that we have not concluded, to that which we have given procrastinated.

This ranges from difficult conversations that have not been able to do for fear of the reactions, feelings that have been expressed, tasks that have been postponed, concrete actions that have gone to sleep the sleep of the just or simply by the inaction of the soul.

We could start using this sacred space as an excuse to start giving thanks, using a kind of countdown all the good things we have experienced in these nearly 8,760 hours.

facebook_70354912Yes, it’s like a summary in our minds of all those experiences we had, the lessons we had learned, the feelings we experience, the people who entered and / or left on our side of things we conquer or simply repeat.

Interestingly unknowingly to these situations were essential to say today we live that year, these days, the hours, minutes and seconds. That each was part of the result of what we are today.

The news of the world where their summaries of the year include every one of the tragedies that happened, not only in the state, country or city, but they overlook the good that did.

In the process continue to evolve, growing, knowing and experiencing especially as humans, it is important to remember and those who can relive each of those good things that happened to us.

See each as a new opportunity you gave us or even give us the existence (life) to remind us that we are human, we are here for an ulterior purpose, that although we are not aware of it, we carry out our part in this world.

That by recognizing that there each of those experiences, we analyze the opportunity, without judgment, that’s what happened, how, when, where and with whom, what gives us the power to close the cycle, that stage and power thrive.

Failure to do so or do not take the time to see and feel it, does not help us move forward on our path.

To conclude here share to answer some questions that have given a momentous turning the lives of hundreds of thousands in the past.

What were the five major lessons you learned during this cycle?
What were the five most important moments?
What were these setbacks, which ended up being great blessings?
Who were the people most loved?
List 7 blessings you received this year
Who strange and why?
Who impacted your life and why?
What it needed to do and that stopped him?
If today was your last day in this life that this cycle has lived?

When you finish answering each of these questions the only thing left to do is I just thank the Universe (God, Allah, Buddha, etc..) For the opportunity to have lived these experiences, for allowing us to live them and that each one of them is special moments in our lives that we treasure forever.

Wishing to all of you that this New Year will be full of high adventure, endless blessings and especially full and absolute abundance.

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