The responsibility of a generation

caosToday more than ever, people are more aware, they are more active and as a result we have witnessed great revolutions in countries like Egypt, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Spain.

Currently there is a collective feeling that exists and permeates of zero tolerance to injustice, excessive abuse, which has been led by the Generation X, which now is beginning to feel the weight on their shoulders of the responsibility of having the world’s fate.

This is the “Atari generation” which has been one of the synonyms that has identify this generation, which is increasingly more depending on the memories of his childhood, to remember those values ​​instilled and which are stored in their DNA.

It’s amazing how after 20 years of that first heard that “the youth is lost” from the mouths of those who had the responsibility to teach them, today they are repeating the same phrase.

The amazing thing is that they are repeating it like a parrot, like it is part of being a responsible adult; in fact they use it with a unique conviction, which incidentally was the same one that marked their lives in the past.

gen xThe simple act of becoming propagandists of this lie, which is repeated over and over again is incomprehensible, which is based on a false premise and unfounded speculation, following the same patterns of adults who preceded them. It is as if spellbound with the same chant, unconscious, and malicious, those who are sleeping the sleep of the just.

They seem not to have realized yet that the youth are their children, nephews and in some case their grandchildren. There have been no direct accountability, they are insinuating and insulting their ability to teach the most basic principles to live in society.

It seems that we are living on another planet, because the values, teachings, experiences and wisdom to discern common sense, that is supposed to be exercising them, has been thrown into space and time which has elapsed without any effect.

We may also infer that the speakers are being blind it by the fourth and fifth power, are those that when their children left the hospital the DVD in the car was waiting for them, that later will become their babysitter for years to come.

Perhaps we could be excused those who work all day from the list, the ones that don’t know how to effectively manage their time, don’t have space in their life’s to listen, much less don’t know how share with them, and at the other end they filled their mouth telling society that the work very hard to give their children “all” the things that they never had.

Also, we shouldn’t miss this opportunity to counter and expose other examples which show us otherwise, that youth is not lost and that things are not as bad as we want to sell.

First, if you are reading this column, blog, that’s a breakthrough, since we know that when we receive something is not ”causality” or bumps into it, it is a clear sign that the conscience of the whole world is changing.

Second, we see every day how whole communities and especially in the vast majority of children are being conscious about recycling, conserving the environment, to make home gardens and composting, as part of everyday life’s.

Just a few years ago NBC, Hufftington Post, among other national news outlets start it having good news as part of their programming, where they will highlight hundreds of thousands communities that they are making a difference, of people that has no resources, are doing more than the ones that have.

Today, mental health is spoken much more frequently than 20 years ago, corporate responsibility is not just simple logo and a phrase in a business, is what is making the difference that a good professional stays or goes from that business.

In general, if we open our eyes, if we use our senses to experience all the good things that are happening around us, we will see it, but if we succumb to the broken record those things are bad, that decision will determine in which side of the coin you are.

We decide how bad we want society to be, we continue being a silent accomplice, simply by breathing, eating and walking like a zombie like we are doing now.

Finally, we leave you guys with these questions, if you believe truthfully that the youth and society in general is in bad shape, then ask yourself, What has been your role in it? How have you been responsible for what’s happening? What action has you taken to make a difference?.

Do not be part of the problem, let’s create the solution.

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