Christmas is here

happy holidaysThe vast majority of time the different seasons begins with some climate change reflected in nature. The only time which is reflected not only in nature but in the personality of the people is when Christmas arrives.

It comes every year at the beginning of the week after Thanks Giving. It also indicatives, not only that we will be eating a lot, will celebrate, share, give away gifts and travel, but that is the time when feelings emerge, the caring for others less fortunate become the order of the day and the spirit of love is what we breath.

For many countries and businesses around the world Christmas is just a celebration and an excuse to sell and give away. But the true meaning of Christmas is really seen in the joy of the faces of the children when they get up in the morning -is the only time in the year that they do- and see the gifts beneath the Christmas tree.

Is curious that during Christmas is the only holiday that we use as an excuse to do acts of kindness, which once wouldn’t do during the rest of the calendar year.

merry christmasThe magic of Christmas brings us among other things, the feeling to share with loved one, appreciation for the things that we have or the ones that we lost along the way. It also gives us the opportunity to close cycles, to analyze how our year was full of lots of new adventure, endless new emotions and profound life’s lessons, of which in some cases were protagonists in our walk thru life.

As soon as Thanks Giving is over we start listening different songs, the joy permeates in every corner where we live, the mindset is transformed, and we feel a different kind of air around us and the joy for celebration is highlighted and enlarged into new levels.

Christmas gives us the opportunity to take for a walk our humanity, without judgment, without colors, it gives us the opportunity to release our emotions and be more flexible, to see things from another perspective, an often it soften our heart.

This winter season is a great time to reflect and do a deep introspection of the year’s events and for others is the begin to start making next year’s plan.

But above all it gives us the chance to remember our child hood, it give us permission to be kids again, to live and release those true emotions through our children, nephews, godchildren, cousins ​​or neighbors.

The joy that we feel, the emotions that goes through our veins, the smile that is ingrain in our faces from ear to ear, the energy to play without stopping, running a course without knowing, that feeling of living in the moment because there is nothing else at that time, that is something unique that this time of the year gives us.

It also gives us the opportunity to take time to thank all of the things that we do not need or have like health, wealth, family, friends, work, in short is a great and unique opportunity to see, feel and think.

This is the best time of year where we really show who we really are, loving human beings, generous, caring, giving, loving spirits living in the now.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

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