Life’s Interruptions

Every day more and more people we dealt with absolute joy depends on their false power of being in control of their lives, what happens to them, or at least have the illusion that this is so.

All of us one way or another experience these interruptions in our lives which tend to be sudden, simple and in some cases dramatic.

These interruptions usually happen when circumstances are not clear, the understanding is in a cloud, the reason is taking a nap, universal communication is nonexistent and the unexpected becomes the protagonist of everything.

They have some unique characteristics such as: when people understand that their life is perfect, that each of the things that they have been planned for years and that they will not change because they are in control of everything.

Another feature is that at the other end of the spectrum hope is absent, the multiple actions have had a reaction and the forces of moving on to something better, have gone on vacation.

It is exactly in either of these two scenarios where unexpected moments become in the allege disruption of life and the surprise element takes a great role.

If we were to describe some of those moments that interrupt our lives, for example we could start talking about the tsunami that happened in Japan, the super storm Sandy, which greatly affected the eastern United States, the unexpected closing of Hostess or the recent mutual attack between Israel and Hamas.

Taking this concept to a smaller scale could be exemplified when one has had some unexpected accident; a doctor’s communication to a loved one that they have a terminal illness; the decision to continue loving another person is not an option or just an unexpected visit from a new member in the belly of one of the parties.

These are unexpected interruptions of life, where life offers us a great opportunity to learn a new lesson, if we so determine it, where undoubtedly grow or simply wanting to inadvertently divert us completely and decide overshadow all we’re living.

Each case, situation and circumstance is an individual one; each has a meaning, a theory and a very particular conclusion that depends on which level of consciousness we are experiencing.

For other situations this series of events are a great opportunity to grow in every sense of the word, physical, emotionally and spiritually.

Now they see it as an additional opportunity to learn the lesson that they understand that it is important to learn, that even if it hurts, uncomfortable or out of balance for a while, given the space necessary to continue to evolve in your consciousness, it is part of the human experience.

But no matter which side of the coin you are, in the vast majority of the time everything is beyond our control, except in the act of how we decide to react to all this, either with a smile, a tear or absolute inaction.

For many unexpected things have been a blessing in their lives, as they have been waking from the deep sleep that they are living daily and does not let them appreciate what they had, because they assumed they already had fought and failed to appreciate these creatures loved ones around them.

Today we invite you to have your arms open, close your eyes and use your senses to experience how your live is being transformed, feelings are evolving, your mind continues to expand and as life continues giving all those who need at the time indicated, although most of the time we do not expect.

Remember that the extraordinary things in life are those which are not expected.

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