Propagandists of negativity

The scientist Albert Einstein constantly told his students “you can not solve the problems at the same level they were created”.

Every day we see how people are constantly complaining and incessantly all the bad things that are happening in their lives and even worse, they use the lives of others to enhance their approaches.

These people not only have the ability to see all the negative in the world, but they have become experts in recruiting other people who are not aware, which are sleeping been awake, walk without seeing, work without feeling, or worst that are living on automatic.

These propagandists of negativity, use the same tactics of large advertising agencies, without much effort they appeal to human feelings to carry it’s message to amplify the negative, to the highest potential.

They have become experts in the subject, and have spent years using the guise of victims of all, as part of the strategy to bring as many people as possible to think like them.

They use these and other strategies to brain wash in their campaign to destroy humanity. Their victims are easy to identify, first, the vast majority are those who are living without direction in their lives.

They also can be identify as souls that are lonely, have sadness in their hearts, have resentment in their veins, the emptiness is there north and unfortunately they do not know the meaning of spirituality.

This behavior is unfortunately increasing in societies that are consistent with having dull minds, and with their consciences browsing in outer space of inaction.

In turn, these people are daily robots that perform actions called routines. These routines are everyday actions that are carried out without question, that at some point they have worked for some reason.

The dictionary defines this word as “repeating an action over and over again.” Interestingly the dictionary does not mention that “the repetition of an action” involves making a decision consciously or unconsciously.

The key to what Einstein says “you can not solve the problems at the same level they were created” is that the way we could solve the problem is by taking different consciences actions that we did to cause the problem.

There are no routines, what they are is the repetition of an action that we have made in the past and we repeat it simply because that is the easiest thing that comes to mind.

It’s precisely at this point where the mind should be awaken, where you as a human being should realize that it is in that moment where it becomes easy comfortable, see if that’s as much as we should and we serves.

Nobody is saying that this is easy or do you learn in just 21 days as the experts say, this is a simple act starts reading this column. Then followed by internalization of sub conscious and eventually in the course of being in the mind from left to right, neurons will realize it and will incorporate it into our daily lives.

The results of this process is the awakening or remembering of our humanity and that we are a collective unit and how each of us can make a difference where we live.

What if today instead of being drafted into the army of injustice and ignorance, we join the movement of open minds, consciences awake and people seeking collaborative partnerships to live in harmony.

How about if we start questioning things, to ask whether that action, word or thought can unite us or move us away from who we want to be.

What if today we begin to see ourselves as instruments of change rather than money-making machines.

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