Crisis, a opportunity to transform

Hurricanes are pure elements of crisis in the spirit of those that live in the basin of the Caribbean.

These atmospheric, depending in the letter they are assigned every year, are baptized with a different name, they are like crime, they don’t discriminate who they are going to destroy and they don’t know the limits of the destruction they are going to cause.

Its strong wind gust is described by meteorologist as “fury” when it hits land, and use the word “destruction” as consequences of its path.

Sadly during these pass days some communities in the states of New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts were hit with a fury never seen before by residents of the affected areas, or the whole world.

The damages are immeasurable, being that while writing this column, there are still rescuers out in the flooded areas.

Curiously we always here from the media the physical lose, and the extravagant estimated numbers in damages; which you would never hear from the mouth of the thousands of individuals affected.

The only things that can be estimated are the material loss, being that the emotional loss of material attachment, death, and the mental ruins will never be able to be estimated.

There is infinity of answers to this 6 letter word “crisis”, which have unimaginable result since the world is world.

At the same time this same word has been of peaceful resounding revolutions, great significant changes in humanity, scientific advance and even spiritual ambit, in the past years it has been the responsible of the weakening of the worlds conscious.

Since each one of us reacts to this word differently, the majority of the times this will identify what type of crisis it is; which have been our experience, of what we know or have been exposed to, and above all, the process of the decisions made.

The famous Scottish writer, Allan K. Chalmers would say that; “crisis polishes your life, with them you discover who you really are”.

This is exactly what we, the ones that are not there are seeing true the social network, where resourcefulness, solidarity, commonsense of social responsibility, is the one that rules regardless of the actual adversity.

Contrary to what people think, humanity has advanced their consciousness, elevating to levels seen before.  To see examples all you need is to see the 6 o’clock news.

Another example has been the thousands of compassionate, unselfish, people who have left the comfort of their home to help those whom; names, last names or political party they don’t know.

The scientist Albert Einstein would say: “without crisis there is no challenge, without challenges life is a routine, a slow agony. Without crisis there is no merit”.

Today sitting in or homes were necessity is not the order of the day, I’m happy to know we are witnessing that humanity is not lost. It’s just a false illusion that we are far away from it.

To those who are in this crisis, my absolute solidarity, my prayers go to all of you so you can find peace, the anger, and the courage to continue forward.

We conclude thanking those who are the main heroic actors, which will never be mentioned in the news; you are the ones that show the world that humanity is still strong, and alive in us.

How about if instead of felling sorry for what we don’t have, we admire the heroes of humanity, who are looking at the lost of everything they knew as life, giving a helping hand to start what will be in the near future an exercise of eternal gratitude.

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