Death Sentence

She played it was a death sentence, those last words spoken by Dr. unscrupulous, without saying a word bluntly told “you are three months of life,” completely forgetting that united humanity.

Were very difficult for her those first hours, where reason was to understand what the heart did not accept.

I had heard those words have unfortunately become fashionable lately in the medical wards, where human sensitivity towards others is gone, or would like to think that he has forgotten.

Those first few weeks were very hard, she tried to understand how science had put a death sentence without their consent, without giving options, no hope.

Interestingly it was a few weeks later while sitting waiting for the doctor attend the same where the magic of “causality” is binding the will to live and had a conversation with a woman who by appearance brought him a few extra years.

It was in that conversation, not forced, where she realized that the mind is more powerful than we think and that the death sentence is not an option, when you have to live.

He told this lady with gray hair, wrinkled skin and small stature, that same death sentence had been done to her on several occasions and that she is was the day our daily bread, every time I visited a doctor .

This lady laugh little and told the wide glasses end the conversation these words “never forget that the mind is very powerful, if you let the desires of others become yours, you will be part of its history and the yours. ”

Within seconds this woman a few days ago he had felt that his days were numbered, had found a total stranger what he needed, a reminder that she is the one in control of her life and that she did not remember have hired anyone to lead his life.

That same day she got out of the waiting room of your doctor and went to the beach, sitting for hours there and surrounded the sun, sand and sea recalled that it was a death sentence, was indeed a question life.

One question where was asking if I wanted to live life on automatic or otherwise, wanted to live life.

In turn, reminded as small as a child when she did not have any limit, that his imagination was the one who took her to get everything you had got up before the day of the death sentence.

Today this woman has more than 10 years smiling at life from that incident and rises every day at 5:00 am to give thanks, not only for what you have, but all he sees, feels, and all possibilities that new day will bring.

Today this person not only has a healthy, happy mind is still married to whom the support at difficult times in body and soul, but is in the process of doing something that was impossible at some point in his life, running his first half marathon in the coming months in Miami.

Today I share with you the story of our friend Veronica, a friend who has taught us to live life one day at a time, instead of taking the news as devastating as they gave 10 years ago in that time was a death sentence and as she turned into gasoline to live and expand their happiness.

Unfortunately or fortunately are momentous moments in life tests us to see where we are.

It’s those moments that can become major catalysts for individual and collective transformation where the limit does not exist and hope is controlling the minds daily living or simple sentences in deaths that come true.

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