The power of a SMILE

During an interview with the newspaper “El Cronista”, the psychologist Roberto Aguirre indicated “that a minute of laughter equals 45 minutes of relaxation and 70 minutes of exercise”.

Searching for other statistics, and information about the power of a smile, we found out that a baby after the first 36 hours of being born can smile at his parents, and a small child can laugh approximately 300 times a day, meanwhile an adult those it in between 15 and 100 times.

From the moment that we have reasoning, smiling has been part of our life, not only for the cheerfulness, but because smiling and happiness have been an essential part of our family.

The origin of this expression, we can say it’s from the beginning of the world; as a matter of fact it’s a contagious expression, that no matter how mad or annoyed you are, wanting or not, it has the power to wrap you up.

The international ambassadors of this action are the babies, not only do they do it automatically, but they move us by their spontaneity, the gentleness and how real it’s born from the souls and the divine connection they still have.

It’s curious how they don’t even know you, not knowing from where you come, what you’re going thru our even better, without knowing if you have any limitations, they offer you something free that transforms even the most irritable person.

Since we have reasoning, smiling has been an essential tool, transcendental and important in our daily living, as a matter of fact it has been a “trademark” in our life.

At the time when she decides to go on vacation, instantly the person that you less expect ask for her, and asks where she is, that they miss her, and that without her in your life it’s like something is missing.

A few years ago we read in the New York Times a story of a lady that was diagnose with terminal cancer, the doctor told her there was nothing to do, to go home and have quality life with her husband.

It took some days to understand what had happen and after much reflection she and her husband decided that if she was going to part from this existence, she was going to do it laughing.

So, with her husband (who notify at work that he didn’t know when he would come back), they went and rented all the comedy movies they could find.

For proximally 30 days they were watching these movies one after another. When they reach 30 days they realized that it was the day the doctor had said would be her last day, she call the doctor and went to visit him.

After examining her and sending her to do a few exams, the doctor with a surprising face enter the room where her and her husband where, and told them he had something important to tell them.

In the past days they had laugh so much that they were immune of any bad news, and they told him that it did not matter what he had to tell them, that they were prepared. Surprisingly the doctor told them the cancer has disappeared.

Of course this is only an EXTRAORDINARY case, of how laughter can affect not only your spirit, environment, but also the human body, and this is one more example of what laughter can accomplish.

Today I leave you with this story not only so you can reflect in the power of laughter in others; but in us.

The power of laughter not only transforms life, but it alleviates burdens, lessons pain, and it allows us to create a divine connection with individuals that we love, and with the ones we don’t know.

Today is an excellent day to do an exercise, smile at all person that crosses your path, and you will find out what we are talking about, not that the power of smiling is magic, but it transforms your life and of all that surrounds us, even if we don’t know them, that is the enchantment of something so simple, genuine and it don’t cost us nothing.

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