The defects of others

There is a famous saying, which more or less says; we should not look at others defects, we should look at ours.

Now day when we hear that saying we automatically ask our self, what is the daily obsession of the immense majority of society to learn, know, and find out the life and details of the one next door?

Where was it that as society we got lost or took an exit that was not appropriate?  We are not only living in a world overloaded with technology, driven by the immediate syndrome, if not we are living in a cybernetic world, wanting to know what is the next door neighbor doing.

Since the world is world, it has always been easier to look to the other side and criticizes, point at others, and is judgmental of any type of action not seen as normal, for those that understand that life is as they see it.

It’s interesting how when we were a child, we did not have any judgment of life and its circumstances around us. Our environment was only a playground full of toys and literally a world full of big possibilities that meant everything and at the same time nothing.

We lived in a world where if something happen, we would not notice because it had no sentimental, spiritual or physical meaning to us, unless we hurt ourselves.

It was that “innocent” attitude who was our center core of our absolute infinite happiness that we bring in our DNA. But luckily or unluckily with our steps through life we lose that innocence.

Starting to understand that what surround us is not wonderland that the people that we see daily are not super heroes, and much less that we are invincible.

In that travel thru life where we explore everything that is at our reach, we get lost, and we let others opinions enter in our minds and make them part of ours.

It’s at that precise moment where we lose our genuine felling of “wits” and we decide to join society, to the; what they may say, to the continuing without asking, repeating without questioning, to see and critic without fundamentals.

We get lost in the ocean of opinions and we join an uncontrollable force, in that if we do not wake up we will continue collectible losing our individuality and will continue in the daily “what people will say”.

Today, we the human being that live in this body in this existence, have a big challenge, in that we are confronted with great growing opportunities as individuals and society.

The challenge is simple; it’s waking up from this imaginary, eternal sleep without sense that we have falsely created.

The challenge is to create a new opportunity of seeing ourselves as individual in the mirror of life, in not only re-connecting with our inner child, but with the soul of light that we are.

It’s once again recognizing our innocence and recognize in others. It’s to recognize that under no concept, we should intend for someone to think or be like us, being that others shoes are different, and I should not judge.

The challenge is to wake up every day and remind our self that we are unique, that there is no one in this world with our same DNA; to talk, sing, jump or skip like we do.

As Albert Einstein would say, “We are all very ignorant, what happens is that not all of us ignore the same things”.

Wake up to the reality of which we are, leave the feeling of individual rejection and let it be reflected in our neighbors, let’s regain our individual divine innocence, and start living it today.

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