The pact with childhood

Looks like in the pass years a virus has been spreading and that in a short time the Center for Disease Control (CDC) of United State will consider it an epidemic.

This virus has a peculiar characteristic; you can say the most notable is that people forget that they live in a community that is composed of many more people.

Another of those characteristic is the absence in their vocabulary of words of sympathy, solidarity, acceptance, and of course inclusion.

Pointing at everything that is bad or done wrong is the rule, to verbally give the perfect solution to other people’s problems, is the order of the day; “since theirs have the perfect solution; although they don’t apply them”.

Taking possession is the excuse of not occupying in their own, and the limited giving is what they understand is their contribution to continue poisoning and spreading the virus.

As a matter of fact we have seen how it has been spreading true generations, and how each one of those generations have become immune to common sense, were nothing is questioned, it’s just a repetition, with the excuse that it’s what they been though.

But we question, where did reasoning vanish? In what corner did logic and common sense get lost? When courtesy converted in something unusual, and indifference is normal?

There is an African saying that says; “you need a village to bring up a child”, and as a matter of fact we are an authentic evidence of it being a reality, and very prophetic.

This article has been inspired for due to the amount of adult people with children’s that irresponsibly don’t assume their responsibility of being a parent, of being an example to fight “when they grow up”.

Contrary to that role model that would be the perfect scenario, these persons live in automatic, leaving each day pass like any other day, without sense, like if they lived in another galaxy.

At another side of the vision of our reality of this dimension, we encounter the presence of beings of light that come to elevate our conscious, to be teachers, the motor of changes and innovation, and above all ambassadors of love.

Their mind and soul are open, like a living sponge, and are constantly growing and expanding more than what we think.

It’s because of that, that the daily responsibility as an adult starts with the knowledge of daily living, where tradition is transferred, stories, principles and culture that are remembered with special love, which inspires jealousy.

That those persons around us today, are what consciously or unconsciously I have attracted to my life to learn a lesson of life.

As a matter of fact each one of them has a word, a gesture, or a situation where it will involve some part of our soul, that will transform us physically or spiritually, that we will never be the same, that it will move us from one state of conscience to another.

Let’s make a stop, and stop being a silence accomplice in front of the big responsibility that we all have as a society of our beloved sponge, stop assuming, criticizing, and pointing at others.

The feelings of being sorry, failing, unwanted, and even judgmental are an illusion of that, which wants to repress their humanity.

It’s easier to be the one to look to the other side, and prefers to look at others wrong doing  instead of looking at what unites us, keep us close, being that we are a mirror of each one of us.

Let’s take back our responsibility to be an example to emulate; let’s be brave, and live our life according to our individual values, helping to elevate the community.

Daily, fight not to be an example of pretending exercise; be genuine human beings, with feelings, emotions, words of strength, and love.

Not only do they deserve it, but just the simple act of seeing a smile, moves our souls, it caresses our hearths and above all things, we help today be a better tomorrow.

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