In the darkness of the day

Every day we see person’s walking true life in the darkness of the day, even if the sun is at peak, and the clouds are on vacation.

These people have a very particular characteristic, in the immense majority they get up at the same hour every day, they eat the same, they take the same route to work, and they do the same work, get home, and go to sleep at the same hour.

Their line of thoughts is a direct line, unusual, as a matter of fact anything that is unknown to them, has a devastating effect in their emotional tranquility; from deep inside their first reaction is total disagreement.

In their daily life there is no existence of euphoria, contentment, happiness or sadness, they simply live in an absolute motionless catatonic stage.

Every new experience or anything that changes the established, not only is considered a deadly threat to their knowledge, but it can also take them to suffer mental disorder, somatization, depression or in extreme cases, psychiatric hospitalization.

We are sure that you have been able to identify various persons, family or even the person next to you and even in a certain time of our life we have lived in that stage of conscience that we call “living in automatic”.

In this state of conscience, no matters in what part of the world you are, no matter the age, social economics, if it’s day or night, in which the moon is the main character; that same state keeps constant and beating.

The same is paralyzing, and it does not coincide with the reality of the world we live in, where the earth moves each hour, nature is re-discovered, river waters continue flowing until they empty into the sea, and where it does not matter if you stay in your bedroom the sun will come out, and the moon will put you to sleep.

This “style of life”, if you can call it that; is one that its simply base on the perception that these people have created in their mind. Those perceptions are no more than false indications of them having control of things, and at the same time, if they wanted they will always have the same result.

As a matter of fact they’re the persons that believe in routine, that the same will bring the same sensations, and have not realized that, that “routine” to which they are attach is simply an illusion.

Unfortunate these are the persons that stay in the mentality that in the darkness of their bedroom there are monsters under the bed or in the closet.

Today day we know that’s all an imagination, created by fantasy, and the imagination of the unknown. We conscientiously or unconscientiously know, like it or not, that life is composed of big and small changes.

Why instead of living past sensations, and thinking in what can happen in the future? Instead we should make an instant stop in our daily life, breath and use the senses that we have, and start to feel again.

How about if you take time for yourself, dedicated to experiment something new, something that you never thought you would ever do?

How about if you smile all day and see what happens, or simply leave the office and go to the beach to watch the son down, or leave the house without a destination and just let yourself go by your instinct?

How about if today you make a different decision and start living, revive the relation with your fillings, and connect with your humanity.

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