The conversations in my head

The conversations in my head The conversations in our heads have reached such a magnitude in our life, that when we were adolescents we even try suicide.

It was not until recently that we were thinking how those conversations have affected who we are today, that it remained us of a cartoon call Tom and Jerry.

Those cartoons always had the same plot; the cat was always trying to catch the mouse. But in one of the hundreds of hours that I had dedicated- voluntary and not so voluntary- to watch them, it came to our mind one in particular where the cat had to make a decision, and from out of nowhere two characters appear on his shoulders.

Curiously the principal character was disguise with white wings, and white long gown; and the second character had the disguise as the typical common devil, with horns, and a three pronged spear in hand.

At that moment where the cat was trying to decide, each one of the characters would tell him something to the ear that they understood was right. It came to the point where the cat could visualize- in a bubble over his head- sceneries that each of them had mentioned.

Today in day when we look back where reasoning went on vacation and the whole mass of conversations in our brain, blank our adolescent rational thoughts, is when we realize that the saying, “ 90% of what we think is false; could be true”.

As a matter of fact at the time we are developing this composition we can still say how those conversation are better scrip’s than the Hollywood movies we see.

It’s in those melodramatic movies that were born from our vision that we created everything that our mind could imagine, and we would agree-unconsciously-with the imagination to create characters, drama, music ground, and of course different movie endings.

At the end the internal melodrama, and fantasy movie that we created in the organ that weighs 3 pounds, and is connected to our back spine, the majority of time nothing imagined would happen.

There were many hours spent in psychologist, psychiatrists, spirituals counselors, and other that we consulted for many years, trying to find the real significance of those conversations, their origin, and why they would happen.

The difference now day from when we were adolescents is that we are getting close to our fourth decade in this existence, and that those conversations are less each day.

Not only are they less, but the energy, and the attention that we give it is limited. What we do know is that each conversation is very individual, unique, and particular.

In mayor cases those conversations happen when we are bored; when our mind vaguest thru sidereal space; when we are not in physical or mental movement; but especially when we leave or emotions, blank or ability to react.

Those words we hear, that can make us think there is another person inside of us it’s only a simple illusion of your thoughts made reality.

The intention of this topic, is that those same conversation in some cases can be damaging where we severely criticize our self, we punish our self with the whip of despise, where we tell ourselves things that we would never tell another human being, and it can even reach the point where we believe that illusion.

The conversations in our minds are only an additional demonstration that our mind does not have limitations, that if the 2% of our mind has the ability to create this, and more, imagine what we can accomplish using that same formula with our goals.

What is clear is that those conversations do not define us; we see them as growing opportunities in each of our life, where not the mind, but the action will have the respond that will define the result.

One thought on “The conversations in my head

  1. Each conversation is but a single step on the journey toward understanding. To put it metaphorically, until the cat understands WHY he is chasing the mouse, he can never truly understand the world from the mouse’s perspective.

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