It’s not at my time

The constant frustration that we see each day when interacting with people, is the desperation of things not going the way they want, or at the time they want.

This was the case of a great friend, which we had not been able to coincide in the same city in years. After years of just communicating by electronic means, at last we had the opportunity to talk, and put our lives up to date face to face.

After asking the respective questions of; how’s the family, common friends, and work? I suddenly heard a question… what can I do for things to turn out like I want?

Our first reaction was to smile, and we asked to please explain why he understood that things don’t turn out like he wanted.

Immediately without thinking in the question that we  had asked, he started listing the things that he has desired for years, yearn, and have work to obtain, and up to date have not been able to get.

You could see in his face the genuine concern; he also mentioned us that he had reached a point in his life that he felt frustrated with almost every aspect of his life. He also told me that for the first time in his life he had gone to visit one of those fortune tellers, to see if she could give him an answer of what he was doing wrong.

He continue telling us that it had been recently a few weeks that he started reading the horoscope of his town daily newspaper, and inclusive he had lightened a candle that the lady had sold him so he could emerge the deadlock he was in.

Before starting to breathe again, after telling us this, he desperately asked us if we had an immediate solution. Our only reaction was to look at him at the eyes, and then asked him, who told you that, those things that you desire so much today day are not lining up so they can be a reality?

There was a sepulchral silence, it was like if the world had stop for a few seconds.

His reaction was a normal one, his face disfigure, since he was in the process of looking for the answers, and could not see them. After taking a deep breath he intended to answer but no sounds were generated.

It was at that time that we approached him to indicate that if that was his frustration not to worry; being that thounsand of people in the world at this same time were felling the same as him.

We told him that we did not have a magic pill, neither the perfect formula to respond to his concern, what we could do was advise him differently from what he was use to.

How about if we begin instead of being selfish like you have been doing up to now, you separate from your needs, and start to look at others needs?

How about instead of looking at things that have not arrived, that have not happen as you desired, that life is conspiring against you; you do a stop to all your desires, all the demands that you are doing to life, and all those around you?

How about if you take a pencil, and a paper, and make a list of all the things that you actually have? In that list it is recommended that you divide it in tree areas.

The first should be everything you have in your physical surrounding area, like your house, health, family, friends, work, car, and food. The second column could be your emotional aspect, meaning love in all its manifestation. Concluding with the spiritual aspect, that can be everything that fills your soul, the spirit, it is that that you fill, experiment, and cannot describe.

This simple exercise will not only take you out of the catatonic stage your mind is actually in, were you can only see the things that are not happening, instead you will start seeing the things from another perspective.

It is at this time when you start seen things the same way wise men do, doing a stop to all; you will start adding instead of subtracting.

2 thoughts on “It’s not at my time

  1. Ed Santiago

    Wao, realmente esa es la realida que estamos viviendo en esta actual sociead donde inconcientemente nos lleva a exigirnos mas y mas cada dia. Exclente articlo

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