Work Culture

Our first paid job was delivering newspaper at five o’clock in the morning, in the twenty-one floor building were we lived when I was 14 years old.

That first job was a positive experience that marked our “work culture” for the past twenty-five years of my life.

Is was during does first years of our adolescence that helped in a great way to build our enterprise spirit, being that at that age we saw the infinity of possibility to grow.

In that stage of our live to have ten dollars in your wallet that our grandmother have given us during Christmas, was a religious experience.

You would feel like you had a million dollars with you, and you could buy whatever it is, you can describe this like an absolute feeling of being invincible, as if kryptonite did not work.

After that experience we had the luck to meet persons from different part of the world, social stratum, and characters taken out of a fiction novel.

We also had the advantage, and blessing to learn from wise mans, for the surprise of many; they had not attended a class room or had never left their home town.

There were many lessons, and generous jobs that offered the tools, scenery, and the essential protagonist, to be able to look in someone’s eyes, and know how it feels to be in humble jobs that we understand are simple, “until we are in their shoes, and understand how important they are”.

We had the opportunity, and honor to serve, and work with hundreds of thousands of people which from each one we learn a new lesson of life. At the same time, it wasn’t until after being twenty-one that we realized that each one of the jobs we had shaped the man that we are today.

From cleaning a drug store, carrying boxes in a warehouse, washing cars, cutting grass, being a waiter, video stores (when movies were VHS), the federal government, legislation, and others.  It was does hours of hard work, sweat, bad humor, scolding (some necessaries, others just because) that mold us.

Also after graduating, the experiences that we had in the “professional word” the publicity agencies, public relations firms, events production companies, chauffeur, and others that we will not mentioned.

Without leaving out the community service hours done in secondary, university, and after being an adult. Where we not only served the needy, but we also got completely involved with the board of directors.

It was then that serving got deep in our souls, and it showed us that being humble opens more doors than having a million dollars. That our soul gets full in a different way than in the other stage of our life. That faces expression say’s more than a million books.

It was then, when I got to that world of serving, where street knowledge, experience of the diversified world where we had walked, got together with the soul.

It was then where we understood the reason of “work culture”, which the secret of doing labor is not to enrich our ego or our pockets; it’s to give us a feeling of belonging, and a clear way to let the world know that we make a difference.

That we proof ourselves of what we are made, and the capacity or opportunity to grow, and the infinity of possibilities that exist.

“Work culture”, is not only the knowledge of the heart done reality, it is more than a sense of obligation, and a game of words, it’s:  responsibility, solidarity, and team work.

Furthermore, it’s a felling that plant’s itself in our innocent rich grounds, that if well taken care of it will open doors, it will show us new path, and it will give us infinite opportunities to reach whatever we can imagine.

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