Olympics without limits

The Summer Olympic Games in London has help offering much happiness to Latin American countries for the achievements obtained-over 500 medals until now- but they have also converted in the ideal stage for picturesque and great stories to be known.

What started in Ancient Greece as an event dedicated to the god Zeus, nowadays it has converted not only in a billionaire business, but also it offers the opportunity of seen simultaneously a banquet of multiple sports disciplines that only happens every four years.

At the same time, the Olympics serve as a stage for thousands of athletes that participate demonstrating they are the best in the sport they love, and a grand opportunity to represent their native land.

Nowadays thanks to the flexibility of the globalized world in which we live, communication is part of our daily life; we can witness in first class the majority of the events. But also more importantly, it gives us the opportunity of being witnesses of the expression; “We are spirits, living a human experience,” is so real and so truth.

This concept has been more than proven by science, but it’s incredible to be part of the great expression when the spirit that lives in our body exceeds the expectation of what is believed to be each athlete limits.

Following this same thought we must understand that as spiritual beings that we are, we do not have any limits, and as unlimited beings that we are in all aspects of our life, literally we can conquer all, everything we want is reachable.

It’s that unlimited spirit that takes these athletes to move, to transform, and continue evolving in a certain manner upon nature, and which have been demonstrated in these London games.

Let’s take as an example Felix Sanchez, the nimble Dominican who won the gold medal in the 400 meters. This athlete who four years ago did not have the opportunity to revalidate in that event, being that the same day he was to compete, his grandfather pass away, and it was impossible for him to participate, and revalidate.

In this occasion, eight years later when he conquer his dream, when he reach the podium, and before giving the gold medal to whom the experts did not believed would have an opportunity, he started to cry of emotion, captivating the 80,000 persons that were at the stadium.

Another example of how human beings don’t have limits is Erick Barrondo from Guatemala, who for the first time put his entire country on the international Olympic podium when wining the first gold ornament for that country.

Let’s take this last one, the most significant of all-for us-who was Oscar Pistorius from South Africa, whom had to fight with the International Olympic Committee during four years in order to be able to participate in the Olympics, and who was the first person in Olympic history with artificial extremity to participate.

In one of the interviews that we had the privilege of seeing, he commented that he struggle for this space in the Olympics to demonstrate to the world, and children’s that are in the same condition as him, that there is no limits, that if the mind can visualize it, the body would do it, and it will always can.

These Olympics more than uniting countries in the celebration of those athletes that won medals in the different events, for us it has been a reaffirmation that there is no limitations, only the ones we put in our mind, and validate as true.

How about if we stop validating our mental stories, and drama that have no foundation?

How about if we stop postponing the action that will transport us from an inaction place to where we want to be?

How about if we give a date that will be the beginning of where there is an empty canvas, we start painting as we want?

Remember, we are spirits living a human experience, we don’t have limits…now what is the excuse?

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