The Art to Raise

Lots have been said of how to raise ourselves from adversity, or the difficult life we human kind live.

During the process we express different “Solutions”, quoting famous phrases, posting photos on the internet or whatever we can imagine, and in that process we lose the perception of reality, the noble act of falling.

It’s curious to learn to what extremes the modern society has taken the relation of the word “fall”, the variety of meanings it has been given, and above all the importance they give to failure if they can’t meet others expectations.

At one point or other we all have experienced being in a state of shock, paralyzed or depress, because of falling from a false pedestal created by our own expectations.

It’s in that process where the feeling of sadness unites with the indoctrinated penalizing society, in which we stamp ourselves defeated, a failure, additional evidence that we are no good.

As society we have gotten to the point where the simple fact of touching the floor with our needs, can provoke to take an extreme action like, depriving ourselves of our body.

But very little-if nothing- has openly been said about how rich the process to raise can be after a fall.  Regarding how much we learn intellectually, how our souls elevates to other levels of consciousness, and above all; how it gives us the opportunity to recognize, analyze ourselves, and understand the capacity our feeling have of adapting.

There are various meaning of the verb raise, but one of the one we most like, and adjust to our reality is an Old Russian proverb that says “…it’s allow to fall. Rising is obligatory.”

Falls will always be physical and emotional, since we live “Close” –by decision- in this shell that we call human body. It’s because of this decision that we expose ourselves as part of this agreement, to experiment falls in our daily environment.

But, what has not been the use, and custom, is not being able to explain how the art to raise is dignifying. This art does not have a magic formula, and much less an existing pill that would instantly help us.

First of all, what we can do is recognize that we are spiritual human being, and that everything that affects us is not outside of us, but it’s initiated, elaborated, and applied in ourselves.

Secondly, that process is inborn since the moment they put us on the floor or the crib, and we start to experiment with our body.

Third, that in that process where we make ourselves conscious of how responsible we are of our actions, and the consequences it brings, it also gives us  the foundation to create an illusion of reality, being true or false.

In the vast majority it’s that illusion that gives us a false expectation of what we validate, when we mentally accept a false reality of what happen.

At that exact moment is where we forget that the ones to be sorry is us, we judge ourselves, and we even punish ourselves, not the others. Being that no one has the power to make anyone feel nothing.

At that precise moment when we are at the floor is when we have in our hands the opportunity to decide our destiny, and remember who we are. We can do a stop, and recognize that life is teaching us a lesson, and it’s our opportunity to see it, our ignore it.

There is not a magic formula of how to learn to raise, there is no magic pill to teach us the lessons of that process, but we do have the blessing of seeing each day that each one of our downfall are big opportunities of human and spiritual grow.

Is at that transcendent moment of life where we raise, and we have a new opportunity to appreciate everything around us, and we grow as individual, and society.

I conclude with a thought of Theodor Roosevelt that said, “It’s hard to fall, but its worse to have never try to get up.”

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