The Secret of Happiness

Gandhi use to say; “happiness consists in putting your thoughts in agreement, your words and actions in harmony”.

We would never think that after more than almost four decade in the searching for the meaning of happiness, we would find that this simple sentence would make so much sense.

During this short period of time in search of the meaning of this word, we have had the privilege of knowing hundreds of new places, experiment new filings, and it has given us the opportunity of meeting thousands of people.

This without having the opportunity of understanding the meaning of this word, depending of the cardinal point you find yourself  in this planet.  We can’t leave out from this document, that the path, and mountains we have walk, has help us facilitate to learn new emotional limits, physically, and above all, the relaxation of our spiritual soul.

In the course of this experiment -not plan- it has not fail to live in my own skin, embarrassing  difficult situation, where we have felt that we were close to the end of what we knew as life.

We found scientific evidence that we are spirits living in a human body, and as spirits we don’t have limits, thereby,  the human kind that has not experienced absolute happiness, is because it’s limitation  are only magnify or restricted  by their mind.

At the same time, we also noticed that it’s something that moves constantly, that it’s not in the same place, and like the DNA, it’s something very individual.

We also noticed that the society we are living is a world that demands immediacy, and the instant gratification is the order of the day, and the one that stimulates our sense.

The expression, “we live in a daily carrousel, were we are in a set moment on top of the mountain or in the valley”, it’s only a way of our ancestor to tell us one of the secrets to obtain the precious understanding of this nine letter word.

There is a fast emptiness when we realize there is not a magic pill to obtain it, and less that it arrives instantly. Happiness is something simple, but ironically it’s what makes it complicated. To reach this mental state, first we must be able to recognize various actions.

Something more complicated than what has previously been exposed, would be to complicate what is simple. Albert Camus would say; “you can never be happy if you continue in the search of how happiness is composed.”

We faithfully believe that it does not matter if you use Google, the tablets or the intelligent cellular’s; happiness is centered in fillings, thoughts, and actions daily taken.

We leave you with what we think is the meaning of the word happiness; “happiness, is the beginning of all changes, it’s a personalized transformation, it’s the daily action of each one of us that desire to change the world, pass on knowledge, or simply want to help the needy.”

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