The Decade of the Immediacy

“Speed, which is a virtue, breeds a vice, which is rush/hurry.” [Gregorio Marañón]

The 21th century has been considered by many as the decade of technology and the advances in the science world, but for us it’s the decade of the immediacy.

Nowadays we live surrounded not only by a technology that we would’ve never thought possible but also a rampant epidemic of a sense of urgency, rush and a sense that we need everything immediately.

We have reached a point in which there exists a false impression that we have to be connected in order to be happy, that we need the answer to all our doubts and issues with a mere finger movement.

As recent as a few months ago Google announced that they are in the process of bringing out to the market sunglasses that through the use of the Wi-Fi could connect us to the internet, similar to the technology used by some soldiers that the Army soldiers use nowadays.

Today we prefer to text, which takes more time – think what you will say, write it with the use of your fingers, send it and wait for a response – instead of picking up the phone – by which you would only need a finger to pulse the number and hit send – and automatically we would have access to the person and could resolve everything we need to by just one action.

There are some people that sit down to eat at a restaurant with some friends and spend more time checking their cell phones for the social networks and/or playing games than talking between them. Others spend time taking pictures and videos that they never print or edit for posterity.

There are also those that sleep with their cell phones on their bedside and instead of being thankful for another day of life check who sent them a message.

We are not criticizing, much less discredit those to which this has been the key to bring down dictators, discover new findings, better travel planning, find some information instantly no matter where they find themselves in the world and bringing families closer through a “pin”, “facetime” or “skype”.

The problem is that people are creating a false expectation that life is as quick as the answers they receive.

They forget that a seed needs to be germinated by the basic elements in the universe in order for it to bear fruits, that human relationships are the sum of experiences lived in determined moments, which make that connection divine.

Conversations are being replaced by a matter that cannot transmit the genuine feelings of our souls. Cloning might happen but the essence of the human being cant, reason can be put in tables but the interpretation is infinite and individual.

What if we forget about the immediacy for a moment and remember that life is everything that we experience second by second, that an action will always have a reaction.

What if we remember that no day will be the same as another, that patience is a virtue that we acquire with time and that the result of what we want is just a reflection of what our mind shows us.

What if we take a moment to realize that immediacy takes us nowhere, that only by living on the now our humanity will meet with our reality and will take us through the path of the absolute and universal truth.

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