The Mind…the origin of all Illnesses

Plato used to say that “…since the mind is from the material world and the spirit is from the world of ideas, hence it is immortal”.

Wikipedia defines the mind as “…the most common name of the emerging phenomenon that is responsible for understanding, the capacity to create thoughts, creativity, learning, reasoning, perception, emotions, memory, imagination and free will and other cognitive abilities.”

If we let ourselves be led by Plato’s definition, it starts giving us an introduction that since the mind is from the material world it means the impact a thought can have over our body in this existence is a real one.

During the last 30 years it has been proven through hundreds of scientific studies that many of the ailments we have nowadays have their origin in the mind, in the persons’ psychological area.

The studies not only confirmed the theories of hundreds of prominent scientists that for decades indicated the power the mind had in our physical entourage, but also they have been able to identify its origin.

One of those pioneers was Louise L. Hay, who at the beginning of the 70’s recuperated from terminal cancer by simply using daily positive affirmations. This author was a pioneer in the 20th century for greatly promoting the teachings of author Florence Scovel Shinn who argued that “…positive thinking had the power of transforming a person’s material circumstance”.

Ernest Homes was another person that influenced this movement and he thought that “…the body had the power to self heal through positive thinking”.

All this is only an introduction of a deep conversation we recently had with a friend of mine who happens to be a graduated nurse and has been living with a degenerative condition for a few years now (yes, a condition, since one happens to live with it without a clear remedy or solution). She commented that she had read about a study that identified that her condition could have been brought on by a trauma from her childhood.

In fact, when she mentioned the scientific study she showed exactly where it stated the aforementioned and upon reading it we weren’t surprised since we knew her story and could understand the reason of her sickness.

In the return flight home, a few days later, we started thinking in that conversation and comparing her situation with hundreds of persons that we know live daily with other conditions and that if we decided to pursue the origin of those conditions we believe a 90% could be related to childhood traumas.

Automatically we took into account our life in general and started thinking in the different sickness and/or conditions we’ve suffered. Surprisingly for some, not for me, we could identify the particular situations in our surroundings in those moments and could relate them with our thoughts and henceforth our body’s reaction to them.

Needless to say, each and every one of them started with a negative thought towards our self which brought about an automatic symptom in some part of my body for a determined time period.

Be it the famous allergies, respiratory conditions like asthma, skin irritations, lower back pains, kidney pain, headaches, ankle sprains, falls, and each and any physical condition, it has been proven that these and many more conditions had their origin in the persons mind.

In the era where everyone wants a magic pill to cure any kind of pain I leave you with these questions…

When will we start to be accountable for our thoughts and their consequences?

When will we stop to complain and start retaking control of our lives?

When are we going to stop blaming the “conditions” that ail us and assume our responsibility of looking for a solution to what started out as a thought?

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