Getting Rid of Baggage

Traveling is not only a pleasure but it also gives us the opportunity to see, experience and expand our knowledge of the world that surrounds us. Most of the time when we are getting ready to travel we tend to fill our luggage with things that in an 80% of the time we don’t use.

This has a multiplying effect, we not only carry things we don’t need but it also restricts us from learning new experiences and/or gifts we’d like to bring back in our luggage.

If we were to take that same philosophy into our daily lives, first we would be able to see it in the context of how we live daily, during which our unconscious and/or conscious has thousands of thoughts that load our luggage, and also by the interactions we have with our immediate surroundings.

To all this we add up all the information that we are constantly receiving through all the electronics we have at our disposal and the news (TV, radio, newspapers and the internet). We can also add our neighbor’s horror stories, our family’s melodramas and those that feel alone and strictly see that exaggerating space as their only alternative.

Taking into account this outlook as a point of departure we could conclude that the luggage we accumulate daily is not a healthy load for us.

First, we start with the luggage we never had control over or at least some chance to choose differently, our surroundings when we were growing up as children. That luggage comes with the aggravating factor of the place where you were born, the home you “chose”, who are those that surround you during those times and above all the immediate surroundings outside the walls of your home.

This luggage is one that if we don’t work on it with some urgency, it could detain us, paralyzes us and we could even be condemned to a life of never knowing happiness.

Second, we could say it’s the luggage we recollect in our daily interaction with our thousand censorial stimulation, which immunizes our sensibility and at the same time reduces our levels of tolerance. When was the last time you took a few minutes of your day just to be in silence?

Not only those that are conscious do this exercise, but also doctors are recommending that those that feel stressful to take some time in solitude so that they can rest their minds and body. Overestimation bewilders us, blocks us from accessing emotional intelligence, so important in the daily human interactions.

This complements also with the level of education we had access to, the opportunities we had in our surroundings, our beliefs and the quality of the communication in all of its forms.

Even though this factor could be momentous to some, we have come across others that with extreme limitations have come out of the “hole” they’ve been in and have become great travelers of little baggage.

And last, there’s the baggage we carry because we consciously chose during our path and of course there’s that innate baggage that comes with our DNA.

Whatever might be the reason why we have enough, too much or a bit of baggage, it would be a good exercise in reflection for today: How much baggage do we carry that is detaining us from being our maximum expression?

When you answer this question, while being in a quiet place, you will see the magic of having the power of letting go of baggage and making some space so that new and great things start happening in your life.

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