What is your vision?

Lately we have noticed that it doesn’t matter where we are, be it with entrepreneurs, employees or any particular person, a high percentage don’t have a clear view of what it their live vision. In each of the conversations we had made a single simple question, what is your vision?.

The reactions have literally been the same in the majority of the cases, their respiration stops, their look tries to find the reason in the ceiling and last they look at us with a genuine worry that goes hand in hand with a verbal “I don’t know”.

Recently we sat in an airplanes aisle 23 and during the flight we had the opportunity of asking this same question to the woman that was sitting to our left.

Summarizing what she said during a few hours flight, she wishes to take care of herself in every aspect in which she has control over, but letting it be clear that she doesn’t wish to leave behind her desire to help girls that have lost their way, that have chosen the easier road of not taking decisions and escaping into drugs.

During that pleasant conversation we had the gratifying experience of meeting someone that has a clear life vision.

At the beginning of the conversation she didn’t even notice how passionate she could be in describing her life vision. In fact, during her eloquent and interesting exposition even she noticed an essential ingredient that should be the central axle of any vision, passion.

Let’s put this in a simpler context. The vision for some is no more that having clear what one wishes to get out of life or for others it’s simply the map for how to live during this existence and take advantage of the experience.

No matter what’s the meaning for you, it is important to take into consideration a few ingredients that shall not be negotiable when one is creating, having and living one’s mission.

First, one must have a feeling of passion at all times; it must be the central axle or motor in each and every action. One must be clear on what impact one wishes to have in ones the physical and emotional environment.

And last but not least, and everyone’s challenge, is to eliminate every prejudice we might have and forget about the illusion that our ego is the culprit since that word is just a reflection of our conscience and an excuse so that we don’t become responsible for our actions.

All this, though we may believe it to be difficult, becomes easier when one decides to be at peace in ones life instead of always being right.

Understanding this is crucial so we can discover how we don’t want to be remembered, and knowing what is the legacy we wish to leave behind. The history of humanity has taught us that those who have no clear life vision will find it hard to reach that which every spirit wishes to reach in this human experience, complete happiness.

Having a life vision doesn’t mean, much less guarantee, that it exempts us of our daily responsibility, even instantaneous, of making decisions that bring us closer to carrying it out.

But when one has it, it does bring us closer to having a more pleasant life, full of blessings and will give us the peace we need to live in absolute abundance.

If you don’t have a life vision nowadays, we compel you to take some time and define it, since if you keep living without one, life will pass before your eyes like a movie and when the end credits appear you will be sitting in an olds people home or lying in a wooden coffin.

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