There are no coincidences

During these past few days I had sat down thinking about this week’s theme and I had a very interesting encounter with two youngsters who were sitting down next to me, and their interaction created this writing.

Out of the blue we started talking about a book one of them had in his hand, from there we continued about some observations about it and we ended it after a dissertation about how destiny had conspired to put us there at that precise moment and how we were being supportive to each other without knowing what we were going to do.

After that small encounter we could understand more clearly how each one of us are teachers and students at all times.

Thinking that we are only teachers is a great lie that we come to believe at some point in our lives, but at the same time we also believe we are students at all time, both with a great illusion that traps us and conditions us into being slaves.

In life there are no coincidences, just actions that have repercussions in our environment and our lives in general, which takes us through unexpected roads that at the end of the day turns out to be what our destiny had in our native map.

It is a bit complicated put into words what happens to us daily, specially those who have been lucky to experience during the past few years an awakening of our conscience, which live have given us.

In the day to day maelstrom, each action that we unconsciously take, we evolve in the prototype of urgency’s prisoner. We keep going in automatic; we become silent accomplices, in one more of the masses, in bodies without souls that walk trough this world without being able to carry out their part of their divine agreement which they signed before arriving.

On the other hand we forget we are travelers in the present and creators of our happiness. With our mere presence we are already making a difference, with a mere word we can, even unconsciously, change one persons perspective or a bunch of them. The phrase “being conscious” is simply being alert to the signals that are presented to us at all times and knowing how to distinguish our role in that scene.

That precise day we all had to be there, not only to support those youngsters in their transformation, but also to keep carrying out our mission in this life, which is a clear, concise and defined one, “transforming the world one persona at a time”. On their part they helped us reaffirm that we are on the right track, we are keeping up our part of the deal and we had to be there.

Only when we are present the Universe will make sure we daily keep up with our mission, wherever we may, since we are part of a divine plan in which each one of us is a piece of the puzzle of something superior.

There are no coincidences. Our experience has given us a new word: “CAUSALITIES”, in which every action, it doesn’t matter where we are or what moment in life, is already coldy calculated, not by us, but by something bigger, which has as a finality to touch our souls and elevate them to another level.

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