How much are you worth?

The word value means courage, bravery, and initiative, confronting something, validating a feeling and understanding it. In other words, it’s simply an excuse to know what we are made of.

We constantly hear in the news or someone telling about someone’s achievement, someone overcoming something and even beating some sickness.

We also have people that are constantly telling others what they should do, they “advise” others without having been asked for an opinion, and they look from the outside and believe they have the solution to any problem they encounter.

Recently we had the opportunity of meeting a retired social worker who upon retiring decided that she still had some productive years and felt she could still use her gifts helping others.

In her search for what to do she determined that what she was doing part time as a volunteer could be that project into which she could dedicate her time and effort.

The first reaction of her family, friends and anyone to whom she told what she wished to do was to tell her she was crazy, that retirement had affected her and asked her how she was going to work with the homeless.

Even though the process took her through valleys and mountains of conflicting emotions and she decided she had the capacity of helping these “beings of light”, how she calls them, and took all the courage needed to confront one of her biggest fears, uncertainty.

During the process, this tireless defensor of the homeless, who don’t a secure roof where to sleep, nowadays works nonstop in order to provide them with the basic services that all human beings should have…roof, food and dignity.

Some of the programs’ participants call her the “the angel of the defenseless”, others simply call her by her name and others know that she herself is a survivor from abuse and stand perplexed how this lady has had the courage of overcoming her fears and works with people who are strangers to the worlds but who are her life at this time.

She is a living example of many people who have the bravery and the courage to renounce their fears from the past and confront them daily, overcoming them and keep moving ahead.

Today we wish for everyone to take some time and reflect on where their courage is, where that innate feeling that every human being has is.

Reflect on why you haven’t taken that important decision that you know you have to make but haven’t. Analyze why you are longing to do something that fascinates you but feel paralyzed by lack of courage.

Let us take the time to observe daily how we waste great opportunities to feel happier, that time flies and we are getting older and that the paralyzing fear keeps taking over our mind and body.

Today is a good day to take our courage out for a stroll, which helps us overcome our fears, gives us great satisfactions and helps us to be happy.

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