When I Grow Up

When you grow up, what would you like to be? It is a common question that we use to ask the children between the ages of 8 and 10 and we ignore the importance of such question.

Most of the time the answers to that question that is so set in our society are: policeman, fireman, teacher, doctor, lawyer and in some cases…like Mom or Dad.

But never do you hear sweeper in a company that serves coffee, cashier in a supermarket, security guard in a community, model in a talent agency, editor in a radio station for regional news or a simple receptionist at some company.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with these professions, in some cases make more money by the hour than in a “normal” profession.

It occurred to us to ask “What would we like to be when we grow up?”, since during these last few weeks we have met with friends we haven’t seen in years and we’ve noticed there is a general unease in most of them about their professions.

Their unease comes from the impotence they feel by not being able to balance their lives with the day to day work maelstrom. On the other hand not only balancing their professional and personal lives but also that they are not happy with what they are doing, they do it because they make money but get no satisfaction.

There are also those that are reaching their retirement and their biggest worry is “What am I going to do when I retire?”. We are talking about the “baby boomers” generation who are reaching that age in which you only want to retire, without a plan, without aspirations, just wanting to do nothing, which we know will last them some about 2 months.

With this scenario we put a stop to our hectic life and wanted to rewind our hard disk’s memory to see which profession we had wanted to practice and what had happened along the road.

First we were able to go back to the time when we were around 9 and 10 years when we were asked that question and our answer was be a veterinarian.

Later as time went by it was coast guard and even thought of becoming a priest since it was the only profession that we knew as a young man that helped people selflessly.

During the process of going into college the guidance counselor gave us a few of those tests in which they try to box us into a profession and I was told that what most suited my personality was marketing.

Curiously before reaching this point in our life we had already worked distributing newspapers, caretaker in a pharmacy, usher in a video club, waiter at a hotel and an ice cream parlor, in a storage and even working at a picture developing place. Afterwards life took us into the world of communications where we were very successful in and out of our country.

Analyzing a bit each of these professions or how a professor would say “life’s experiences”, I never thought that each one would have given us a skill and an experience that would later help shape us into whom we are.

After a few decades thinking what I wish to be when I grow up I’ve reached the conclusion that what I wish to be is a “memories collector” and an “experiences farmer” so that I never lose the illusion to live and be surprised.

We wish to continue leaving daily a piece of our soul in the lives of all of those with whom we interact. But most of all, we wish not to lose the innocence that has taken us through the paths of great adventures and unending emotions.

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