The Art of Loving

At the age of twelve, when for the first time my body felt the curiosity of knowing what love was, I never thought that it would be the beginning of three decades of doing crazy things, of overcoming obstacles, look fear in the eyes, travel the world, feel intense moments and least of all that it would be my best teacher.

During the course of our live we have noticed that the act of loving is not only a genuine human feeling but is the life thread that ties us to the animals and the nature that surrounds us.

Since the beginning of the world it has been the only word that has been used during every century of existence. Even during determined times it has been the engine and the milestone of great creations and destruction.

Curiously, this word is the only one that unifies humankind during transcendental moments and it is the only one that makes all of us feel united without even knowing each other.

It is that word that most of the time is born from an instant attraction, in an undetermined moment and is the mother of all creation.

But the art of using this word “correctly” varies depending the place in the world where you are at. Writers and painters have used and recycled everything humanly possible in their works of art.

Professors and scientists have made millions of experiments to reach a simple conclusion. It is something intangible that arouses the best of us individuals. What they have really proven is that each and every one of us has particles of these feeling in the cells of our body; even better yet, in the composition of our souls fiber.

The way of expressing this feeling “correctly” is very hard to decipher since it is a simple daily decision we make, more that it being an individual or collective form or action.

The art of loving is more than a way of communicating, it is something extraordinary that excites our creativity, it is a dark unlit road, it is a world of possibilities, and it is a rainbow of emotions and even uncertainty personified.

Daily we determine who we love in our lives, sometimes without caring what other people think, it is in that precise moment in which actions go hand in hand with words, when everything makes sense and we get lost in the immensity of the feeling in our mind, recreated in our body and which is felt in every particle of our being.

To describe in words how to love is close to impossible. The only thing we can and chose to do is do it every day, while we have air in our lungs and our soul chooses to.

That simple decision is a healing one that transforms lives, continents and will help us understand once and for all that it is the only thing we have until we take our last breath in this existence.

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