Immobilism Syndrome…a mental rope

During the past few weeks we have come across a virus that is quickly spreading in various cities of the world and which we have name “immobilism syndrome”.

It has very peculiar symptoms, the first being that until today we still don’t know how it transmits since the persons don’t necessarily need to know each other or need to have a previous exchange to get infected.

Curiously the symptoms are the same; the persons feel dispirited and don’t know the reason for it. The best way we have to describe it is as if a frustration was engrained inside their veins and the body is being seized by it.

Another peculiar symptom is that it has people living with an unprecedented fear that makes them think they can’t do anything and that immobilism is a normal human feeling.

There are also those persons that have a great difficulty in doing new things by fear of failure because they have experienced it before and caused them great pain in the past.

Unfortunately this syndrome doesn’t have a scientific and logical explanation but what we do know is that is has been a part of our society for a long time and it’s not until recently that it has been duly noted since it has seized the social webs.

To give you an easier explanation of the syndrome we will narrate the following story that we believe will be helpful in the syndrome’s explanation.

A tourist that was visiting India was walking around one of the city’s streets and notices an elephant tied by a 4 inch rope around one of his left feet to a stick on the floor.

The tourist thought curious how was it possible that an elephant that weighs a few tons could be imprisoned by a mere rope, when he could be free by just walking a few feet.

This curiosity consumed him and he approached the person who was next to this exotic animal exhorting people to take a picture with the elephant.

The tourist, without thought for words, asked the man straightly, How is it possible that such a powerful animal could be tied by a mere rope when it could easily let lose anytime?

The man smiled and answered, “You and I know it but it doesn’t because he’s had that same rope tied to it since it was born and at the moment it prevented it from moving out of the perimeter of the rope’s length”.

The man with his turban and terracotta tunic continues saying, “it doesn’t know the strength it has, and he’s never experienced anything other than movement restraints”.

The tourist, shaken by the simple logic of this man who might not even have any kind of schooling, started to think about all the times that he had felt mentally and physically restrained by a rope.

In his reasoning on his way back to the hotel he kept thinking on the similarities between him and such a beautiful animal. His first thought was the times he has felt stuck by a mental rope that has prevented him from moving, that has prevented him from taking a risk with new things that he’s passionate about, by fear of failure, fear of the unknown, because he was raised with a mental rope that in those determined times made him think it wasn’t possible.

Today I leave you with these questions…

Which one of the immobilism syndrome is preventing you from being happy?

Which is the story you tell yourself to justify the syndrome’s survival?

Until when are you going to continue tied to that mental rope?

2 thoughts on “Immobilism Syndrome…a mental rope

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