When are you going to stop being a victim?

There’s a famous saying that says “Even the most incredible man is a victim of contradiction”. During these past few weeks we have come across with a phenomenon never before seen, an increase in people that make themselves victims.

These supposed victims we are referring to are not those that make frauds to the Medicare in West Palm Beach or those that live under a bridge in the streets of Los Angeles.

We are talking about those people that day by day are complaining that they are at a standstill, that they have no money, that their health is worsening daily, that they don’t like their boss or that they are mad because it’s Monday.

Unfortunately, those are the persons that we encounter daily in every corner, at work, in our homes, even at the checkout line in the supermarket. They have the ability of trying, even achieving, making our lives miserable, reflecting their fears, insecurities and frustrations in us.

On the other hand, who are we to judge these people that are simply doing what Albert Einstein used to tell his students “no one can solve a problem at the same level it was created”.

These people have a particular chromosome that is sown somewhere in their brain and it prevents them from seeing more clear ahead and unfortunately they join the rest of the world through fruitless, mean and even false manipulation, and the only people they deceive is themselves.

This week we were tackled by various situations which tested our tolerance for these circumstances. The first one was a car accident in which by both parties negligence our cars came too close.

It was in that instant where we realized that we have no control over anything, our expectations that everything is in divine order are questioned and we understand how fragile life is.

In seconds the day had changed and what I knew and had planned was disrupted. In during the process of recovering consciousness I realized how calm I was, didn’t feel irritated and didn’t feel frustrated with the change of plans.

In the process of checking out if the other person was okay, waiting for the police to arrive and to fill out the papers for the claim, we noticed we were calm and that for some strange reason we weren’t feeding the victim within ourselves.

This moment when you blame and criticize yourself, where you blame others, are irritated, you feel that the world is ending and that above all you have no control over the situation.

After concluding the normal process of a traffic accident, we went on the task of inquiring if we could solve the insurance issue. Incredibly in a matter of an hour we had resolved part of the claim, in a place where we are told that it usually takes weeks before an appointment is given.

The next day, just like the day before, we went to the other Insurance to make the corresponding diligence and like a magic trick we both left with the adequate solutions.

The incredible thing about all this is that none of the involved parties in the accident feed the monster of the victim; even in the Waiting Room we made business.

I’ll just leave you with these questions: When are you going to stop being a victim? (…of your circumstances, words, actions…thoughts)

When are you going to stop living in locked up in the cage of your mind?

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