Extraordinary Stories from Ordinary People

During the last few days we have been working on a project in which we’ve had the opportunity of touching the lives of around 170 people in a company. During such, apart from sharing, transferring and inspiring thoughts and behavior transformation, we had the opportunity of listening to extraordinary stories from ordinary people.

The first story was during an exercise in which we were demonstrating that the fears are simple and groundless beliefs that can be overcome. During the process of choosing a volunteer for this exercise, we came across one that had a particular fear, fear of fire.

At the beginning it seemed strange to us, since that kind of fear is commonly associated with past experiences, personal experiences, specifically from childhood.

First, we made some basic questions as part of the exercise and when we reached the moment of finding the root of the fears this person confessed that only a few months ago her house burned down and that she was alive by a mere miracle.

The faces of the people that were in that room were transformed when hearing such a horrifying story, while saving her two children she collapsed and was unconscious and it was a neighbor that saved her life. To add to this incredible story, two weeks later she was back to work without using such a tragic experience as an excuse, since she needed to move on.

Days later we were witnesses to the story of a young athlete that, because of a motorbike accident lost part of one of his legs. He mentioned that mere hours after the accident, upon arriving at the hospital, he was being told that they were going to have to amputate part of his leg.

Incredible as it sounds, this “warrior of light” confronted his fears with confidence and courage and he overcame his fears and insecurities and affronted the situation as a simple detour from his destiny. Today, he has a prosthesis, he goes to the gym daily, does everything he wants, is completely independent, works on his feet 8 hours a day and loves to listen to kids conversations when they see him walking with just one leg.

At the same time we were horrified and it made us remember that there’s more of us making a difference, upon listening to another vendor’s story who was at his work place and a woman with two kids approaches him and as usual asked some questions to see if she had the services that he offered.

After a while, he understood that this woman had left an abusive relationship that she had no home and for that reason she couldn’t obtain the services he was offering. They continued a conversation and he didn’t miss the opportunity to demonstrate a bit of his humanity, he listened attentively to her needs and afterwards respectfully asked if he could make a call. In just a few hours this ordinary man realized an extraordinary act, he got some furniture for the lady without expecting anything in return, just for the pleasure of helping someone in need. Weeks later that same woman was walking with her children by this gentleman’s work place and out of the blue one of the boys approached him and said “Thank you”.

These extraordinary stories of ordinary people are the ones that make us remember that we are spirits living a human experience, and it’s by listening to these stories that we are reminded that simple acts have a much bigger impact than one likes to think.

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