30 more days to live

Recently, Brazilian author Paulo Coelho wrote in his blog how he confronted when a doctor, by mistake, told him he only had 30 days to live.

Curiously, during the last couple of days, a few friends have been, one way or another, in the same position as the author. Some have been diagnosed with metastasis and have been told only one thing “the only thing left to do is enjoy a good quality of life”.

In another scenario, the mother of a friend was told by the surgeon that would be operating on her mother, that “there is a high probability that she won’t make it through the operation”.

Also, the neighbor of another friend, only 25 years old, was told the devastating news for any woman who desires to be a mother, that “unfortunately we have to operate and we will have to remove your uterus”.

The common denominator in each one of these cases is, first, that a health professional was the messenger of such news, followed by the lack of humanity in his demeanor and last, how senselessness and empathy overtook the communication.

It amazes me how nowadays, during the 21st Century, some health practitioners still lack the ability to comprehend that the generalization shouldn’t be the norm, that judging poisons the soul and that trying to predict destiny is impossible.

We have forgotten that words carry energy and an incomprehensible power by those that are living a human experience. For the good of science they have second placed empathy with the feelings of those that are afflicted, leaving out in the open that we are not exposing ourselves to the sensibility of our humanity.

That someone with some kind of authority dare underestimate the hope, the faith and above all the love of living, is an act of cowardice, is forgetting that blood runs trough the veins, that breathing is free and a part of all.

Even though we cannot forget that no one has the power to make us feel anything, there are still some people that are not conscious and are easily influenced by the words spoken by those that have a power they ignore.

At the same time, there are thousands of people that daily believe their world is coming to an end, simply because of a diagnosis. Also, there are hundreds of millions that, even though they don’t hear the3 voices of those professionals, go on through their daily lives as the walking dead.

Today, seeing how there are more of those who overcome words with actions and are a testimony of life, that will overpasses any adversity, we wish to leave you with a few words of our dear Mother: “it is not what they say I have…it is what I let myself believe I have”.

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