The Magic of a “Good Morning”

During the past couple of days we’ve had the opportunity of spending time with hundreds of people from different work related scenarios, and we’ve noticed that we are losing the art of saying “Good Morning”.

This is happening with secretaries, security personnel, maintenance personnel, high ranking executives and even people who answer the phone, be they receptionists, customer service, etc.

First, you only need to make a call to any office and the first thing that happens is that the person that answers the phone narrates a script that he or she has memorized and one they’ve repeated on so many occasions that they tell it automatically, too fast and you cannot understand a word they are saying.

Second of all, during that dialogue spoken parrot-fashion, which they are obligated by a supervisor to say, they want to say so many things at once that they sound like answering machines.

This is turning human beings into unthinking beings, into manipulative instruments, giving those who hired them an absolute power over them, without boundaries, and having the authority to demand anything from them and these “unthinking beings” aren’t in any position to show personal criteria.

I believe it is safe to say that instead of becoming process facilitators they more likely become incomprehensible ogres and they take it out in all those who cross paths with them in any way ever chance they have.

Among all things, unfortunately they have lost the reality that they are human beings, that they are simple divine expressions, that they have aspirations, that their feelings are the key of their involvement with other living creatures and that words, followed by gestures, are the glue that binds humanity.

Among those expressions, there’s one that we consider the key to success of any company, the phrase “Good Morning”. Such a genuine expression that when one hears it, no matter where you may be, accompanied with a smile, it opens doors and solidifies our existence.

Nowadays, when we are in the supermarket’s isle, inside the elevator in the mornings or simply at a building’s reception identifying ourselves with the security guard, we don’t hear anymore those sweet words that remind us who we are and where we are.

That expression has an extraordinary magic, at times it is the key to closing a business deal, at others it’s the only beautiful gesture that a senior citizen hears.

The transformation it causes in others is impressive, to those who are totally stressed it gives a momentary respite, reminding them that they are no more than beings that breathe and feel.

It is even contagious when a child tells us good morning, people’s faces automatically change, letting their inner child be greeted and identify itself with whom it has in front.

Today, we only urge you that, whenever you can, use the combination of those 10 letters, that will only bring you infinite satisfactions, enduring happiness and of course as a reminder that all of us, one way or another, are human.

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