What if we open our eyes?

What if one day you’d awaken without one of your five senses? What if upon getting out of bed, you’d try to open your eyes and they don’t work like the day before? What if the only thing you had left of that sense is just the memory of something you took for granted?

In simple words, what if upon wakening one morning after 50 years of having that privilege, out of the blue, you suddenly realize that it’s gone like by some kind of magic trick?

That’s Gloria’s story, social worker, mother, dedicated wife and unstoppable fighter for the rights of the elderly.

This ordinary woman, whom realized an extraordinary work, had an experience that she never thought she would ever have and it would change the course of her life forever. It was bacteria, which she got infected with by an unusual manner, had caused her to loose her sight.

The first years she went from one doctor to another trying to find an explanation to such a rare disease.

It wasn’t until one day, while she was sitting in a waiting room, that she was talking to a boy that had been suffering from the same disease, that she understood that she hadn’t lost one of her senses, but instead had acquired a new perspective in life.

She said that conversation was transcendental to her, since it helped her understand for the first time that what had happened to her was not a disgrace but instead an opportunity to live differently to how she was used to.

In that precise moment her other four senses paid her a visit and reminded her that upon loosing one, the strength of the others heightens, which would let her be born again and experiment life from another perspective.

That was also Alejandra’s case, successful businesswoman, unconditional daughter and soul friend, who had been surgically intervened to correct her eyesight. Only a few days after said process she experienced what it felt not to have that sense we daily take for granted.

After a few days after the aforementioned process she expressed how frustrating those first days had been by being unable to read and see her text messages.

At the same time she shared with joy how that experience, ironically, had opened her eyes since she experienced a new vision of what really matters in life.

She expressed that during those days, not being able to see helped her “see” and experience new sensations by way of her other senses and that such thing gave a new meaning to her life, which she admits that up until that moment her priorities were a bit unfocused.

Unfortunately these stories are not the norm, but the exception, since hundreds of persons aren’t capable of seeing the plenitude they live with daily nor experiment the gratitude of having what they do.

Today we invite you to make a halt in your hectic life in order to look, observe and see the riches you have all around you.

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