The True Story of Saint Valentine

The first two weeks of February people only talk about the celebration of Saint Valentine’s Day, world icon of love and also the day in which couples reaffirm their love and singles get together to celebrate or you become be a friend’s shoulder to cry on.

After studying the history behind this Day one begins to understand that the only thing the human beings have done in their thousand years of existence is simply reinvent their means of expression, but the origin of it all is still the same.

History tells that there once was a priest in Rome, bishop Valentine, who lived at the same time of an emperor who prohibited marriage between youngsters.

The law in accordance was based on that emperor’s belief that young unwed men and without family made the best soldiers since they weren’t sentimentally attached to anyone.

That’s when bishop Valentine considered that the emperor’s decree was unjust and didn’t have any logic to it and defied the emperor by celebrating wedding nuptials of youngsters in secret, without the government’s knowledge. After some time the rumors of the secret nuptials were known to the emperor who ordered Valentine’s immediate arrest.

Upon being confronted with the rumors, the priest candidly admitted it and explained his actions to the emperor, which were based in Christian beliefs and the church’s dogmas, but the emperor didn’t consider it a good enough explanation and condemned the priest.

During his transferal, the prison chief wanted to ridicule the meek Valentine with a highly fruitless request for his daughter who was blind since childbirth. The chief challenged Valentine into giving his daughter her sight, which he was able to do. But, to no avail. The emperor ordered Valentine’s execution on the 14th of February 270.

The principal objective of telling the true story of Saint Valentine is simple, that no matter the thousand years that have gone by, the story repeats itself over and over, love conquers all no matter the era.

Love is a daily decision, it is a feeling that conquers any obstacle, it unites nations, it creates life, it knows no limits, it invades our bodies with unequalled sensations, it is a simple and pure expression, and chaotic on occasions.

Saint Valentines Day is a new opportunity that life gives us to remember that each and every one of us is capable of giving that such thing that opens doors, heals wounds and creates new nations.

It is a feeling that is described with words but it is lived with passion.

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