Things are bad

Daily we’ve been listening at our work place, supermarket, pharmacy and family reunions, that already common phrase ‘things are bad”.

For more than six years we’ve been at a collective uncertainty that began, supposedly, with the banking crash, followed by the construction one, mortgages and all the other sectors that fell like a domino effect.

That same effect, as a consequence, has caused that the word crisis is engrained in the collective perception. The same has been constantly repeated in the media and by so many people that the perception has materialized to such a degree that in the last years it has been a latent collective reality.

This continues still, even though this last week Wall Street had a solid performance thanks to the decrease in the unemployment rate in the United States, their lowest in the past three years. At the same time, the analysts have expressed that already they are seeing indications that the work market, worldwide, is on a path of recovery.

Apart from all this, there are still some that continuously repeat ‘things are bad”, without  taking the opportunity of observing what is happening around them as a great opportunity of personal and collective growth.

During World War II, one of Hitler’s advisors, Joseph Goebbels, established a very successful philosophy that is still used in the XXIst Century, which says “a constantly repeated lie eventually will become the truth”.

The constant repetition of these words has a determined collective effect, since unfortunately many people repeat them without internalizing them, they take them for granted, they don’t question them, they don’t stop to analyze if what they are listening and saying is true.

That unconscious collective repetition is the one that has blinded people nowadays from seeing the positive and amazing things that are happening daily around them.

The blindfolds they choose to wear, make it impossible for them to see that values are still strong, that they are not lost but are in a process of evolution, as it has happened before during hundred thousand years.

During each stage of evolution humanity has, upon feeling physically a change, created a resistance and it manifests itself in a negative way, especially with resistance and immobilization.

The advantage we have today is that we are more conscious and we can see there are more options, among them the opportunity of being able to say with words something different or to keep on walking in the valley of solitude where you’ll find the same things and answers as until now.

Whatever decision you make at that moment, you will always have the opportunity to go back into the flow of people that daily process their thoughts in a sea of optimism and live in a kind of continuous happiness ecstasy, without deluding themselves from reality.

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