For the past five years the whole world has been a witness to the famous motto that says “change is constant”. This change has manifested itself in thousands of ways, in every corner of what we like to call on this side of the universe, the Earth.

Some countries have witnessed it in their governments financial bankruptcies, recessions, a lower index level in their countries’ global growth, mass dismissal, pacific uprisings in which the only request is free education for the young and in others it began as a simple manifestation of a collective sense of democracy and they obtained it in a matter of weeks.

Also, the massive communication media and the big global communication corporations have been “victims” of that continuous change since the social networks, a somewhat semipublic method of expression, has become a fifth power that they have not been able to influence nor decipher.

During the course of all these events, the perception has been a constant and continuous one, that things are worse every time, that recession is a bad thing, that the world is at an end, that the Mayans prophecies might be right that the world will end in 2012.

At the same time, while all this is happening in the world, hundreds of millions of people aren’t paying attention to negative things and they focus in the positive ones, concrete actions that make a difference in people, in society, in the world.

We see them daily, working our patios, cleaning the sidewalks, licking up the garbage, driving buses and in the corner supermarkets.

These persons wake up daily not thinking that on that day they will be on the front pages of the newspapers, conscious or unconsciously, they more like wake up with a smile on their lips and a huge desire to work like the worker ants do, for the sake of their families and the land they live in.

These “working ants” work long hours giving their all, but what people don’t know is that they are like the super heroes; they use that identity to conceal their true reality.

We call them anonymous heroes, people with particular characteristics: they have a great heart; they dedicate undetermined hours helping others that have less than they do, sometimes nothing at all, they smile freely, they do things without expecting anything in return, they give away what they don’t have and they show their love unconditionally every day.

These acts are not gossip, murders, thefts, acts of corruption and even less acts that have space in the massive communications media, since they are “normal” and daily human acts, they take them for granted since they occur in more than the aforementioned occasions.

The world is moving constantly every day, as well as our life –we want to or not-, when we focus and underline only the actions of a few, is simply ignoring the majority of all the great things that are happening around us daily.

What if from now on, since there are more of us who participate in highlighting the good and positive things in life?

What if we use that fifth power for moving towards a new conscience were WE highlight the good acts of the majority?

One thought on “WE ARE MORE

  1. JA

    Yes! –As long as there is an ongoing, clear, skilled, multi-perspective awareness of and experience with “fear porn” and how individuals/groups are presenting and handling fear-generating actions/info regarding those actions. This is challenging work and requires a deep sincere commitment to life and evolving consciousness, while concurrently becoming adept at letting go and Observing from the “Witness.”

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