The Youth is NOT lost

“Youth is lost” is a very common phrase that has been constantly used and passed on from one generation to another.

In some generations such phrase has been used to justify survival in the labor environment, in others to justify the inefficiency of their leader’s decisions, and to blame and untangle themselves from their social responsibilities in looking for solutions.

Luckily, generation alter generation has proven that it is a senseless phrase, that it has no meaning.

An example of this was when a few weeks ago I was at some restaurant and some of my friends expressed how mistaken people are when they say that youth is lost.

They explained how a fourteen year old kid was every Thursday and Friday night polishing shoes in a very popular and busy area well known for its “happy hours”.

For a few hours this young man and three of his friends go from business to business simply asking “do you want to polish your shoes?”. That simple question and their effort to practice this modest profession, generates more than working eight hours daily at the minimum federal wage.

Curiously, the motivation for one of these youngsters was simple and complicated at the same time, since he was working in order to save enough money and be able to go live with his mother, who lives in the states.

Also, a nine year old girl recently called a radio station in which the person in charge of the program was asking what the children had asked for to the Three Wise Men.

This girl was one of the lucky ones to go “on air”. When asked what she had asked for she said “I want you to publish positive news because my Mom listens to your program every morning and the only thing she hears are negative news”. This eloquent radio host was at a loss for words, something that had never happened to him before.

As a conclusion, during the past few weeks there was an article in an International magazine in which it highlighted the work o fan eleven year old girl, who dedicated part of her free time Redding books to the elderly.

The impact such simple act had on this group of people in the magazine emphasized it had transformed the lives of the participants of this innovative program.

At the same time it captivated the attention of local businessmen that upon learning of this noble action donated materials and books with the intention of creating a library in that place, in her name.

The phrase “youth is NOT lost” manifests itself in the aforementioned examples. This does not mean there isn’t still work to be done, youngsters to attend, innovative programs to create and others that need to be expanded in order to give new opportunities.

It simply is that nowadays our youngsters’ consciences are awake and ours are in the process of expansion and realizing that our future is in excellent hands.

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