Last grains of 2011

In times when the last grains of 2011 sand clock are slowly slipping away and mere hours are left to joyfully welcome the New Year 2012, it is our understanding that it could be an excellent moment for introspection.

Such introspection could either be personal or collective and, since no one is watching, the first thing that’s expected of us the least we could do is to be honest with ourselves.

Then comes the fun part, simply remembering all those moments that caused such great emotions, in which lessons were a common daily thing, our knowledge was transformed and particular situations touched our soul’s core.

It would help greatly to find a place that is surrounded by silence in order for the process to be more effective.

While making an inventory of our life lessons, the things we have learned, what if instead of focusing on the sadness, anguish, troubles, difficulties and pain, we focus on how life gave us an opportunity to grow, mature, strengthened us, and we reflect on those things that are important in life, a whole juncture in order to create a better future.

The important thing in this process is not blaming others or grabbing a whip and whipping ourselves on the back because we didn’t achieve what we wanted, since at the time it didn’t happen it simply was not the right moment. The general idea is to be able to use our spiritual intelligence and recognize as light beings that we are, that we have grown, as individuals and as a collective as a whole.

Growth has been uphill, painful, even distressing, but we compare it with the pain that women suffer in childbirth, one intense and indescribable, but it dissipates as soon as the baby is placed in their arms.

There’s a popular saying that says “there is order in chaos”. The world and our lives are not in chaos, on the contrary, it is us who think that that is what governs our lives and we are a bit confused.

What if we bring out a piece of paper and a pen, computer or microphone and you start to enumerate all the good things that happened to you, those in which the heart exalted, those which made your bellies ache because of so much laughing, those that filled your soul with love, those which made your look at your life from another perspective.

What if, before making any resolutions, proposals, goals or any other given name for this exercise of personal projection, we make a simple and well deserved introspection and at the end give ourselves a pat on the back and we acknowledge how much we’ve grown this year.

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