Christmas is Here!

Most of the time, the seasons of the year begin with some climatic change that reflects in nature. The only season that not only reflects itself in nature but also in people’s personality is when Christmas arrives.

Christmas time arrives each year at the beginning of Thanksgiving week. It indicates that, not only we are going to eat a lot, celebrate, share with friends and loved ones, give away presents, maybe even travel, but also it is the time of the year when feelings run rampant, kindness is an everyday thing and giving is a way of breathing.

Christmas in some parts of the world is simply a celebration and a perfect excuse to give away presents and commercialize. But the true meaning of Christmas is in the children’s faces when they wake up very early in the morning, probably the only time in the year when they do so, and they get to see the presents under the tree.

At the same time, it is the only season of the year when being on a holiday is used as an excuse to do kind full acts, those of which wouldn’t happen during any other time of the year.

Christmas gives us the opportunity, among other things, to spend time with our most loved and cherished beings. It also gives us the opportunity to close cycles, to think back on the last year and analyze everything that’s happened, be it filled with great adventures, indefinite emotions and new life lessons.

The songs are different, happiness is all around, the mind transforms itself, and there’s a sense of a fresh warm air, even though the temperature might be cold, and all in all happiness stands out and multiplies to insurmountable levels.

Christmas gives us the opportunity to exercise our humanity, without judgment and without colors. It gives us the opportunity to give free rein to our emotions and to be more flexible, to see things from another perspective, since it softens our hearts.

Christmas is a great moment to reflect and make a deep introspection of the events of the past year. At the same time, we start to plan and make predictions for the new year to come. But above all, it gives us the opportunity to be like children again, to live and relieve those emotions through our children, nieces, nephews, godchildren, neighbors or cousins.

The happiness one feels, the emotions running through our veins, our ear to ear smiles, the nonstop playfulness, the aimlessly running, that living on the moment without, since nothing else exists, but enjoying the moment. Consequently, it gives us the opportunity to take some time and appreciate everything we have and even what we don’t need, and our health, our abundance, our work. In a sense, it gives us a unique opportunity to see, feel and appreciate.

This is the best season of the year, since we become what we really are, loving beings, charitable, understanding, generous. We just want to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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