Day of Gratitude

Thanksgiving Day in our society has become –per secula seculorum– a good time to be grateful for the material and external things that for some strange reason we take for granted the rest of the year.

Let it be clear that we are not saying this is wrong or not, just that we are making an observation in the behavior in a great majority of people.

Today we choose something different, today is a perfect day – as any other- to practice an exercise in introspection and see, without bandages, other blessings that are not so tangible, those of which we are grateful because they are part of who we are.

The first thing that came to our minds was a scene that forever changed our way of thinking about the meaning of the word FAITH.

This particular scene is a simple one. It doesn’t have many great details or a complicated script. It only has one protagonist who, since she can remember, took ten to twenty minutes from her daily routine to make a consistent act.

The scene is a daily one. It happens in a house located in the town of Ponce where, silently and as a symbolic act, she would retire to her bedroom. Upon entering she would kneel beside her bed and with her hands in front of her face, in silence, with closed eyes and in deep concentration, this angel would begin to give thanks for everything that she had.

This simple act was something that had been happening since we can remember, and we observed it but didn’t have any opinion about it.

Regarding that introspection aforementioned, we noticed that such silent act really had a direct impact in us and greater than we thought. That sublime act was an indirect way of teaching us the real meaning of gratitude and what faith is.

First gratitude, since not only with words but with actions, gave us an unwritten lesson that in life, it doesn’t matter the twenty thousand things person has to do daily, one could take a couple of minutes daily to be grateful for what one had.

Second, it taught us that faith really moves mountains. She was a live example of it and today her children and grandchildren are her greatest harvest. Some of us had the great privilege of personally living those moments, seeing, feeling and experiencing the heavenly divinity manifested on earth.

Today, when we put on hold our daily routines, and choose to be grateful for everything that we have, we wish to thank our grandmother, whom with her actions, her love and her silence gave us a special lecture in what gratitude is personified.

During this break from our hectic days we recognize that the faith that we have developed is nothing more than the legacy that she left us with. The gratitude we live by every day is nothing more than following her footsteps, her spirit lives within our hearts and that actions speak louder than words.

Days like today, we are grateful for all that is material and for what we have but most important is that we are grateful for all those things that are not tangible, those which are the legacy, the lessons or the simple gift of a stranger, that make our faith soar.

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