What is your legacy to mankind?

In a recent radio interview to a human behavior specialist, he was asked if today was your last day on earth; what would be your legacy to mankind and to those closest to you?

There were seconds where the silence came over the airwaves; it was evident that the professional did not expect such a question in the middle of a live radio program.

Upon recovering from the state of “shock” he was in, he pulled himself together and explained that all he wanted to leave to mankind is simply to know that he had given the maximum in every decision made during his stay.

The announcer, a core veteran in the media, tossed another question, but is this not what we all want; this was not a generic question? The silence on this occasion was not the protagonist, this time he just rose from his chair and left the study, yes, just what  you are reading.

Weeks after that incident out of nowhere the professional showed up to publicly apologize for his behavior and acknowledged that after a long reflection he had a reply straight from his heart.

The producer and the talent of the program saw a great opportunity for “radio drama” – an essential part of a radio program, which we shall use to create curiosity in the listener and in turn is also a way of creating “ratings”.

In seconds the student of human behavior used honesty as his best defense and said: “This day I use these microphones to admit that when I was asked the question; it did not only caught me by surprise, but immediately I felt an indescribable pain on my chest”.

“I knew the first instance that this was not a heart attack knocking on doors, but it was something deeper that I could not understand at that time.” “Today I can honestly say that after a thorough process of introspection the physical pain was nothing, it was just that I realized that I was not leaving a legacy”.

The phone lines were flooded with responses from the public; the wise use of that confession from the announcer to open the phones for people to react to that confession. The words of praise did not linger on the bravery of this man to admit that in his 45 years of life he had no legacy to leave behind.

In turn, people began to call to praise him for his courage, but also they began to say which legacy they understood they would leave. There was those that said they would leave education for their children, others their battle for the rights of the needy, others were a bit simpler and said that the love they had given to all those who came in contact with them.

Anyway, that simple question made the person analyze his life with self examination until that moment and recognize if it really made any sense, if you are actually making a “dent” as mentioned in the words of Steve Jobs.

Today we leave you with that question; we know that for the vast majority of people it never has crossed through their brain cells that they have between their ears. What will be your answer?

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