Coming out of the closet

Oprah Winfrey, in her new program these days shared how she has had the opportunity to be a platform for a countless number of artists to come out of the closed, in other words: sharing their truth.

The first brave to publicly announce her sexual orientation was Ellen Degeneres, which just after her announcement the most successful comedy series at the time was cancelled. And who could forget the Puerto Rican star Ricky Martin, who was to be an example for his twins, shared his most intimate secret?

Coming out of the closet is a term that society has adopted to describe the action of expressing to love ones of the same sex the innermost feelings of a human being; in other words, a truth different from most.

If we analyze what’s inside a closet, we could start with the realization that darkness exists because that door is closed; that it’s a place where we keep our intimate wear and that sometimes, if we gimmicky, we can find some things that we do not want people to see.

On the other hand, what if even for a few seconds, we put ourselves in their shoes and feel a little of the anxiety which they are subjected on a daily basis, the inhuman rejection by those who are supposedly their family, the contempt of strangers, or simply being discriminated against for just being them.

Just imagine the simple fact of being rejected by the color of their skin; for being a woman, or having a different accent. This action is inhuman and scientifically proven to have a major negative psychological effect. Now multiply that by thousands to have an idea of how it feels to everyone who has a diverse truth than most.

We cannot fail to notice that the society in which we live has advanced in the past years; that today those born with a different DNA have a broader fertile environment; that the struggles are a little more fair; and that the democratic rights are getting dribs and drabs.

Unfortunately, there are still some blinded by darkness, not opening the doors of their heart, who misunderstand that this is a lifestyle, a fashion and even some have dared to say this is not a disease.

Ignorance is bold and that is why there are still a lot of marathons to run, mountains to conquer, and seas to cross.

I suggest for us to start internalizing the true meaning of the word inclusion; to begin walking in the path of individual acceptance, which we all secretly seek out consciously or unconsciously.

Today is not about judging, pointing, or justifying anything; it is simply an opportunity to open our eyes and see reality: that coming out of the closet is a term utilized to accept and recognize the humanity of a person like you or me.

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