Running for a Cause

This past weekend thousands of people celebrated an event that had a common purpose, running for a cause. The excuse of been there varied for each one that day, but there was a common denominator, cancer.

Some where survivors, others are warriors that are given the battle right now with him, where regular people that one way or another have been affect it by it direct on indirectly, even there were people that just had a sentiment of solidarity.

The first one to get there was the all mighty rain, it came from no where –like always- took in her arms everybody that was in her way, but at the same time help take the infernal heat that was park since the morning.

Like if it was rehears days before the volunteers created a line in each corner at the entrance of the race, with the intent to celebrate each of the survivors that were there that day. They were received with cheers and joyful screams and with a enthusiasm that I have never ever seen, because they were there alive.

It was 4pm and the rain was far gone, the heat had calm itself, the mood of everybody was restless and the soul of thousands of people that were there to run and walk for a cause.

A incredible electricity was felt in every corner of the beginning of the race, each one of the participants had already there own significant personal space in that race,

At the line were all starts you could feel the collective impatience of the runners, the excitement of the survivors and the expectations of all of the love ones that they were honoring that are not in this existence.

Suddenly the sound of a pistol was heard, it was the signal that the race had began, thousands of emotions were liberated and they were manifested in different ways.

The real competitors started running like there where no tomorrow, others were in competition with themselves, in which just by finishing the race was a tribute to the ones that had transcend these existence.

There where whole families walking with their love ones that just survived and where celebrating that they had a second chance in live. Others just had a little card board that had the names of there love ones that where not there with them, but still are present in there heart.

Each kilometer was a unique experience; old ones where walking with a contagious happiness, businesses said “we are here” by having their employees have their logo in their colorful t-shirts.

At the same time you could see who where the fighters that where there even that they are going to war at that moment, they had no hair on there head, but still they where there.

That was just more that enough to inspire anyone that had an ache or was simply complaining. No matter what happen, if they could finish the race there where no one that could have an excuse not to.

That day was full of magical moments, not only because of all the amazing stories of survival that we heard in every corner, but because a country was united for a cause that has individual wars, that day prove that we as a whole are winning the battle.

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