Why do you complain?

Today while we were sending a couple of photos from an old box to my brothers, cousins and friends I received an email. It was a communication of a friend from Miami that I have not heard from a few months and she had taken the time to send me this email just asking us how we where and where were we.

Immediately we gave her a brief summary of the past few months and the different thing that had happen in our life. In just a few seconds that we took to use click the mouse to send that communication, we received another email saying…

“Hi Waldemar, I’m happy for you, I will read your blog in the next couple of days, but I’m not well, my son just died a few months ago and you can imagine how I’m feeling”. Suddenly we just felt amaze, stumble, ii, ii, without words, disfigured; the only thing that came to our mind was that we need it to call her ASAP.

Our first reaction was just picking up the phone and as fast as we could dial her phone we were talking. First what we notice immediately was that the high energy personality that always was her trade mark was not gone, it was as if her passion for life took a long term vacation.

The only two words that came out from our lips was “I’m sorry”, after that suddenly silence took over the magnetic sound waves that connect it us thru our cell phones. After a few seconds of silence she started telling every single detail of this fatal automobile accident that took his only child in just seconds, it happen on his way home from work.

He was all that she got, he the most precious thing that she had, he was her hope, his presence was the manifestation of her dreams, in all he was his most precious work in this existence, that in just seconds went to another level, everything change and not with a happy ending for her soul.

The detail account of what happen that day gave my body chicken skin, as we were listening to what happen a thought came to our mind that the talk that we were having was just part of her way of getting that overwhelming feelings of anger, frustration and loneliness that she was going thru.  For her that event went so fast, like a blink of an eye, her world was put on hold and her heart had move somewhere else.

After listening to her tragic story for a few minutes I tried to use my funny skills and some other stories of our adventures since our last conversation, that finally we heard her smile. When we finish our conversation, we thank her for answering the phone and told her that we were available 24/7 because our unbroken friendship.

Minutes later while we were trying to recuperate from this sour experience that happen we received another call from a friend in New York, she was working for a 500 company. She is the exact prototype of what corporate woman is, controlled all her expressions, work 100 hours a week, single and no kids.

Her call took me by surprise, we were just recuperating from the tragic story that we just heard a few minutes before. As always she started telling us of what new situations she was confronting at work, especially with her direct supervisor. Immediately we stop her and told her what happen to us before she call.

After finishing the conversation with her, that only lasted three minutes, we just couldn’t take out of the mind for a strange reason how we forget how valuable our life is.

Unfortunately we are living in a world that strives in getting instant satisfaction –patient is not part of our DNA- and stress is normal. We get distracted by material things easily, that at the end they are not important.

What if we start remembering and wake up from a eternal dream that we are in? Were we refuse to see how life itself is so simple, why don’t we start enjoying the company of our love ones?. What if we wake up and start been grateful of everything –good or bad- that we have right now.

The lost of a child has to be one of the most difficult thing to go thru, especially for a mother. That’s why today we encourage everyone that is reading this, to wake up from the eternal dream that we are living in and start living by the words that Albert Einstein said “Science is a wonderful thing if one does not have to earn one’s living at it”.

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